Talents – O

Opportunist (Talent)
– If you cause an enemy to reach a health threshold and they fail their steadfast save, you can immediately take one (1) out-of-sequence action.
Prerequisite – Agility score ten (10+)
Oozaru Focus (Talent)
– While using the Alternate Form Great Ape, reduce Rampaging and/or Unrelenting Rampage target number requirement by two (-2) plus your current power level. This can cause the target number to become zero (0), at which point you can ignore the ability.
– Increase the attribute bonuses you gain from the Alternate Form Oozaru by one (+1T).
– While using the Alternate Form Great Ape reduce the effect of your size by two (-2), this can reduce its effects to zero (0) , at which point you can ignore size penalties to your Dodge.
Restriction – Saiyan Race, Saiyan Tail Resistance
Overwhelming Transformation (Talent)
– While in any transformed state, increase all intimidation skill checks by +1d6, increase this bonus by a number of 1d6s equal to the stage value of the transformation. As an example, if you are using stage two transformation your bonus would by +3d6 to intimidation checks.
– Upon transformation, all combatants who witness the transformation must make a easy TN cognitive save. If you fail, you will suffer from the combat condition impediment until the end of the round. During your turn, you can spend an action and attempt another cognitive, TN very easy, save to end the effects of impediment.

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