Talents – M

Martial Prowess (Talent)
– When making a physical attack, roll 2d10 on the wound roll, selecting the highest dice result and discard the lower.
– When making an physical attack, if your strike roll is at least eight (8) higher than your target’s defense score, increase your wound roll by two (+2T).
Master-At-Arms (Talent)
– You do not suffer penalties to strike rolls for wielding a weapon in one or more hands.
– Decrease the natural result requirement to score a critical roll when you are wielding a weapon, by one (-1). Your requirement can’t become lower than seven (7) from master-at-arms talent.
Metamorese Fusion (Talent)
– You can perform Metamorese Fusion with another character, even if that character does not possess this talent.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Mushin – (Talent)
– When making dodge rolls, you score a critical when your natural result is nine (9) or higher.
– Increase any single attribute score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Instinctual Dodge

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