Talents – I

Improved Initiative (Talent)
– Increase your initiative by two (+2T)
– If you are first in the initiative order, you gain two (+2T) to all strike rolls during the first round of combat.
Prerequisite – Agility score ten (10+)
Improved Movement (Talent)
– While in combat when you fly reduce the required ki point cost per square by three (-3). This means you can use normal flight in combat for free. When you use Rapid Movement with flying your cost is will be reduced by three (-3).
– When you use Rapid Movement replace the last sentence with the following, “Using rapid movement increase your strike rolls for the remainder of your turn by three (+3T).
Prerequisite – Agility score ten (10+), Fleet of Foot Talent
Improved Taunt (Talent)
– Increase the radius which you can use Taunt by two (+2) squares for a total of range of eight (8) squares.
– Increase the reduction of a taunted target’s damage against other combatant by one-half (1/2).
– Increase either your Personality or Insight score by two (+2)
Prerequisite – Taunt & Arrogant Talents
Inspiring Transformation (Talent)
– Select one transformation, this talent affects all stages of the selected transformation. When you transform all allies within four (4) squares of you can immediately take a Morale Saving Throw, TN easy. If an ally passes the check, they are granted the combat condition Superiority until the end of the round.
– Increase either your Spirit or Potency score by two (+2)
Prerequisite – Personality score twelve (12+)
Instinctual Dodge (Talent)
– When making a dodge roll, roll 2d10, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower.
– Increase any single attribute score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Cunning Evasion Talent
Iron Fist (Talent)
– While not wielding a weapon in either hand increase your physical wound roll score by two (+2T).
– When you attack and inflict damage to a combatant with a successful physical attack while not using a weapon, you can use the same maneuver to attempt a grapple against the target.

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