Talents – I

Improved Initiative (Talent)
– Increase your initiative by two (+2T)
– If you are first in the initiative order, you gain two (+2T) to all strike rolls during the first round of combat.
Prerequisite – Agility score ten (10+)
Improved Movement (Talent)
– While in combat when you fly reduce the required ki point cost per square by three (-3). This means you can use normal flight in combat for free. When you use Rapid Movement with flying your cost is will be reduced by three (-3).
– When you use Rapid Movement replace the last sentence with the following, “Using rapid movement increase your strike rolls for the remainder of your turn by three (+3T).
Prerequisite – Agility score ten (10+), Fleet of Foot Talent
Improved Taunt (Talent)
– Increase the radius which you can use Taunt by two (+2) squares for a total of range of eight (8) squares.
– Increase the reduction of a taunted target’s damage against other combatant by one-half (1/2).
– Increase either your Personality or Insight score by two (+2)
Prerequisite – Taunt & Arrogant Talents
Inspiring Transformation (Talent)
– Select one transformation, this talent affects all stages of the selected transformation. When you transform all allies within four (4) squares of you can immediately take a Morale Saving Throw, TN easy. If an ally passes the check, they are granted the combat condition Superiority until the end of the round.
– Increase either your Spirit or Potency score by two (+2)
Prerequisite – Personality score twelve (12+)
Instinctual Dodge (Talent)
– When making a dodge roll, roll 2d10, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower.
– Increase any single attribute score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Cunning Evasion Talent
Interpose (Talent)
– When you use the Intervene Maneuver treat all damage your suffer from the intercepted attack as Direct Damage regardless of any other rule.
– If you attempt to Redirect a successfully intervened attack, when rolling for redirect use the following, “Roll 1d10, if you result is two through seven the attack is safely directed away from all combatants. If you score a one, the attack is not redirected, and you are struck – if you score a eight or more, the attack is redirected back at the target.”
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Iron Fist (Talent)
– While not wielding a weapon in either hand increase your physical wound roll score by two (+2T).
– When you attack and inflict damage to a combatant with a successful physical attack while not using a weapon, you can use the same maneuver to attempt a grapple against the target.

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