Talents – F

Feral Counter (Talent)
– When making a Counter Maneuver, if you roll to wound a target(s) increase your natural result by two (+2T).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Wild Counter Talent
Ferocity of the Arcosian (Talent)
– When you deal direct or lethal damage to a target increase the total amount of damage you inflict by two (+2T).
Prerequisite – Arcosian Race
Fleet of Fist (Talent)
– If you successfully strike a target with the blitz maneuver, the target gains the combat condition impediment until the start of your next turn.
– When you use the maneuver blitz, treat the number of squares you moved as two (+2) higher than you actually moved. You must still pay the ki point cost for these two extra squares.
Prerequisite – Blitz Sweep
Fleet of Foot (Talent)
– When you use the maneuver Rapid Movement, your dodge score is increased, until the end of your next turn, by two (+2T).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Improved Initiative Talent
Flexible Flanker (Talent)
– When attacking a target and an ally is within (2) square of the same target you gain a two (+2) bonus to both your strike and wound roll against that specific target. Increase this bonus by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. If there are two more allies near the target, then increase the bonus by one (+1) for each ally.
Footwork (Talent)
– Once per round, when a target that is within one (1) square of your moves outside your melee attack range you can immediately move up to two (2) squares towards that same enemy. This move does NOT provoke a counter maneuver against you.
– Increase your total ground speed by one (+1T).
Prerequisite – Agility score Twelve (12+)
Fortitude (Talent)
– When rolling a steadfast save, increase your natural result by two (+2). This can cause you score a critical roll or stop you from scoring a botch result.
– Whenever you gain a power level, roll 2d10 for your life points, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower. This talent is retroactive. When you gain this talent you should recalculate you total life points.
Prerequisite – Die Hard Talent
Frenzy (Talent)
– While using the Manifested Power Rage, increase your wound rolls by three (+3T).
Prerequisite – Using Manifested Power Rage

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