Talents – E

Effective Defenses (Talent)
– When using the maneuver “Parry” reduce the ki point cost required by half to a minimum of three (3).
– If you using the Parry maneuver when you Guard against the attack reduce its total damage by +1d8(T). This effect is in additional to any other damage reduction modifiers you are entitled to.
Energy Control
– Select one (1) of your signature attacks or magical abilities. Then reduce its ki point cost by your Potency modifier, if you select a signature attack, or by you Spirit modifier if you select a magical ability. This can’t cause that attack or ability to be reduced by more than half. If the attribute modifier is increased the reduction is also increased.
– Increase any single attribute score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Energy Slinger (Talent)
Energy Slinger (Talent)
– When making an energy attack, roll 2d10 on the wound roll, selecting the highest dice result and discarding the lower.
– If your strike roll is at least eight (8) higher than your target’s defense score, increase your wound roll by two (+2T).
Prerequisite – Potency score ten (10+)

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