Talents – D

Dauntless (Talent)
– When you reach a health threshold and pass your steadfast save, double your soak value against the next incoming attack against you.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Dead Shot (Talent)
– You can aim a ballistic attack a number of actions equal to your scholarship modifier. After you declare that you are using Dead Shot, you can only use your actions to continue aiming or to launch the attack. If you select to aim longer the attack’s damage is increased. If you select to fire the attack you will target an enemy combatant and roll to strike. An aimed ballistic attack follows all its normal rules, however, for each action you aimed the attack increases its damage by by 1d6(T). While aiming, you grant enemy combatants the superiority combat condition against you.(See Attacking & Conditions)
Prerequisite – Sharpshooter Talent
Die hard (Talent)
– When making a steadfast save, roll 2d10, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Dynamic Pose (Talent)
– Spend one (1) action to strike a powerful pose. Increase all rolls by one-half (1/2) your Personality modifier until the end of your next turn. You can use this talent only twice in a single turn.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Personality Ten (10+)
Dynamic Talent (Talent)
– Can’t find something you like? Nothing here for your specific character design? No problem, much like the rest of the game you can always create your own talent with the help and guidance of the Architect. We encourage you to come up with your own out-of-this-world talent to meet your play style and character needs.

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