Talents – B

Ballistic Specialist (Talent)
– Select one ballistic weapon you own, when using the select weapon you add your full Agility modifier to your strike rolls.
Prerequisite – Scholarship score eight (8+), Style Focus Talent (Ballistic)
Battle Suit Proficiency (Talent)
– You can wear any type of battle suits without penalties.
– Increase the bonus you receive from battle suits by two (+2); increase the bonus by one (+1) for each tier of power reached.
Blitz Sweep (Talent)
– If you use blitz and move at least five (5) yards, you can push the target back a distance equal to half the distance you traveled.
– While using blitz, increase your total wound roll by two (+2); increase this bonus by two (+2) for each tier of power reached.
Bounce of the Majin (Talent)
– When you are the target of any type of physical attack inflict an amount of lethal damage to your attacker equal to one-half (1/2) your Soak value – to a maximum of ten (10) per Tier of Power reached.
– When you inflict damage to an attacker using Bounce of the Majin Talent roll +1d4, restore the result to your Life Points. Increase this effect by +1d4 for each Tier of Power reached.
Prerequisite – Majin Race
Body of the Android (Talent)
– During the round you use/active the Racal Trait Overdrive, you gain one (+1) additional action to spend by the end of the round.
– Increase your Corporeal Save by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Android Race
Brawler (Talent)
– If you win a grapple check, you increase your next roll against the grappled opponent by two (+2). Increase this bonus by two (+2) for each tier of power reached.
– When you are prone, during a grapple, treat all incoming damage as direct instead of lethal per the normal prone rule.
Prerequisite – Strength score ten (10+)

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