Talents- A

Ace Pilot (Talent)
– While piloting a Battle Jacket, increase your suit’s agility modifier by two (+2T) to your dodge rolls.
– When making a pilot check of any kind, roll 2d10, selecting the highest dice result and discarding the lower.
Restriction. Ace Pilot can only be used with a motorized vehicle of some type.
Adept Warrior (Talent)
– When fighting a target that is a size category smaller than you increase all Wound rolls by +1d6(T)
– When fighting a target that is a size category larger than you increase all Strike rolls by +1d6(T).
Prerequisite – Iron Fist (Talent), Strength score ten (10+)
Alert (Talent)
– Increase your initiative by two (+2T)
– You can’t be surprised by seen or unseen opponents while you’re conscious.
Ambidextrous (Talent)
– When rolling to strike with a weapon in each hand increase your dice score by two (+2T).
– Increase your dodge by one (+1T) while wielding a weapon in each hand.
Prerequisite – Weapon Specialist Talent
Archetype Focus (Talent)
– Select ballistic, energy, magical or physical attack type. When rolling to strike with the selected attack type decrease the natural result requirement to score a critical roll by one (-1).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Arrogant (Talent)
– Increase your Cognitive Saving Throw by two (+2T) when using the Talent Taunt.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Taunt Talent
Assimilator (Talent)
– You and any Goo creatures you control count has having exceptional Corporeal and Cognitive Saving Throws when rolling to assimilate a target.
– Goo creatures gain an additional +1d8(T) to strike rolls.
Restriction – Majin Race
Astounding Transformation (Talent)
– Once per combat, when you transform into any Alternate Form you declare an Astounding Transformation. When using this talent all combatants within eight squares of you must take a Morale Save, easy TN. If they pass nothing happens. If any combatant fails they count as having impediment when taking actions against you until the end of the current round.
– Increase your Personally score by two (+2).

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