Super Full Power

Strength is everything. You know that. The limits that are holding you back, limiting the strength that you can exert, are nothing but another enemy. By breaking through those limits, you are able to enter this Legendary Form. Your power erupts, your aura alone becoming strong enough to leave visible plumes of flaming energy across the environment while making space itself quake under your might.

If you have access to the Power Boost Alternate Form, are at Tier of Power 5 or higher and are currently facing an opponent that is Tier of Power 5+ and is either a Tier of Power higher than you in your Power Boost Alternate Form or is currently in a Legendary Form, you may attempt to make a Stress Test of 40. If you fail, you do not suffer from Stress Exhaustion but you cannot attempt to make the Stress Test again this Combat Session. If you pass the Stress Test, you gain access to and transform into the Super Full Power Legendary Form.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 32
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 5+
  • Aspects: High Speed Form (Level 3), Armored Form, Durable Form (Level 3), Enhanced Save (All)
+4(T) +4(T)+1(T) +4(T)

100% Power. When you enter the Super Full Power transformation, you may treat your Tier of Power as if it was +1 higher. Once per Combat Round, by spending One Action during your turn, you can treat your Tier of Power as if it was up to +1 higher. You may spend One Action during your turn to end the bonuses to Tier of Power gained by 100% Power. Your Tier of Power can only be treated as if it was up to +4 higher due to the effects of 100% Power (see – Breakthrough in Core Rules).

For each Tier of Power higher you are considered due to 100% Power, gain +1 level of the Draining Aspect and increase the Ki Point cost for all actions that have a Ki Point cost by +1(T), using your new Tier of Power. The Draining Aspect uses your new Tier of Power and the increase to Ki Point Costs through 100% Power. If you are treated as if you were 4+ Tiers of Power higher than your natural Tier of Power, you must make a Morale Saving Throw, TN Very Hard. If you succeed, nothing happens. If you fail, you suffer from the Fatigued Combat Condition.

You cannot use the Holding Back Maneuver while benefiting from 100% Power. The increase to your Tier of Power through 100% Power does not grant you additional actions if your Tier of Power exceeds the Tier of Power of an opponent due to this effect.

All-Consuming Aura. Your ki is so intense that it burns away the space around you and engulfs your battlefield in flames. While you benefit from the Power Up Maneuver, increase your Soak Value by +2(T). At the start of your turn, while you are benefiting from the effects of the Power Up Maneuver, all opponents within 8 squares of you suffer Lethal Damage equal to 1/2 of your Soak Value or Force Modifier (whichever is higher).

You must spend 1(T) Ki Points to use the Power Up Maneuver.

Overwhelming the Weak. When facing an opponent who is a lower Tier of Power than you, reduce all of their Combat Rolls by -1(T) for each Tier of Power lower than you they are. Additionally, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent who is 2+ Tiers of Power lower than you, increase the Damage Category of your attack by +1 (Standard becomes Direct, Direct becomes Lethal).

Invincible. While your Tier of Power is higher than the Tier of Power of all of your opponents in a Combat Encounter, double your base Soak Value. You cannot suffer from Negative Combat Conditions inflicted by characters who are 2+ Tiers of Power lower than you.

Super Full Power Mastery. When you gain mastery for the Super Full Power Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Controlled Power. The 100% Power trait does not increase the Ki Point cost of all actions that have a Ki Point cost by +1(T). While benefiting from the 100% Power trait, reduce your current level of the Draining Aspect by -1. If this would reduce it to 0, remove the Draining Aspect.

Legendary Traits

Restraint of the Strongest. While you are benefiting from the Holding Back Maneuver, increase your Soak Value by +2(T) and benefit from the Armored Form Aspect, even if you are not using a transformation. When you choose to end the Holding Back Maneuver while using a transformation with ‘Power’ in its name, gain Superiority until the end of your next turn.

Greater Power. Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus when using a transformation with ‘Power’ in its name by +1(T). This effect does not stack if you are using multiple transformations with ‘Power’ in their name simultaneously.

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