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Personality. A brutal and powerful warrior race the Saiyans are violent and tough species that thrives in battle. Saiyans love the thrill of combat and are quick to fight any opponent regardless of the adversary potential power – Saiyans are excited to fight. This makes Saiyan tremendously completive against each other and other peoples. Often, they will fight any opponent, even stronger than them, to test or prove their strength and power. They display excitement at the onset of combat and the challenge an opponent presents. Saiyans are the happiest while in combat or training for combat and they typically are only interested in increases their own power and strength. Even with their lust for battle some Saiyans still participate in the political arena and Saiyans can be surprisingly intelligent – especially concerning anything dealing with combat.

Saiyans are extremely prideful by nature, seemingly lacking any other sympathetic emotions. Quickly to mock and ridicule any form of weakness shown by their comrades. This social stigma leads many Saiyans to be short-tempered and defensive about one’s self and their past experiences – Saiyans live in the moment from combat to combat.

All Saiyans love to eat. The normal Saiyan will regularly consume more than their own body weight in just some sitting. Being naturally muscular and robust Saiyans require a large amount of food to sustain their body and energy. Although an overweight Saiyan is rare, they are considerably healthier than most fit humans.

Physical description. Saiyans are like humans in physical appears and share many corporeal qualities. Naturally muscular and sturdy most Saiyans are descriptions of physical fitness – some Saiyans appear overweight or skinny, but even the most unassuming warrior can prove formidable. Typically, Saiyan heights range from 5’0” to roughly 7’0” foot tall. Saiyans – universally – possess straight jet-black hair that spikes out in numerous random directions and usually never changes throughout their lives. Each Saiyan has a completely unique hairstyle and no two Saiyans have the same style unless they are blood-related. Muscular and bulky Saiyans can weight anywhere from 140 pounds to 300 pounds depending on the type of diet they keep. Saiyans are pale-skinned compared to humans, although some might have a darker olive-brown complexion. The species has two sexes, females are not as voluptuous compared to female humans and a usually smaller than Saiyan males. All Saiyans are born with a monkey-like prehensile tail. For many Saiyans their tails are both useful and debilitate if a Saiyan’s tail is grabbed and squeezed they will become prone and paralyzed – some Saiyans have managed to overcome this weakness. Saiyans reach puberty slightly earlier than humans, around the age of ten or eleven. From there they grow rather rapidly and much quicker than humans. They maintain a youthful appearance and physical prowess for roughly seventy to eighty years after puberty and sustain fighting fit until old age.

Society. The Saiyan society hierarchy is a monarchy ruled by a king. Outside of the royal court, the rest of the Saiyan society is completely based on strength and power. Saiyans spend their time fighting and if they aren’t fighting, they are hunting, eating, sleeping or training. Families tend to stick together on the bases of familiarity and share living regions with other families. Shortly, after maturity, many Saiyan leave their home and adventure out into the harsh world. While some find other family groups to join many Saiyans are employed as warriors in the planet trade organization.

Saiyans live in rudimentary huts in rural areas, however, Saiyans that become part of the warrior class live inside bunkers and only return home when they have liberty, and many make the trip back to mate or visit offspring. Although a Saiyan parent will rarely if at all, admit to visiting their offspring or families based on any type of sympathetic emotion. Saiyans don’t form genuine unions of companionship, male-female relationships are for breeding purposes. Saiyan children are born inside advance hospitals ran by the trade organization, there they are judged on many attributes and typically have their roles selected for them. Child then spend the next few years in and out for an incubator – this helps the children grow correctly with proper health care and essential nutrition. The incubators also serve as childcare providers allowing Saiyan females to return to their duties.

While some races believe the Saiyans are unconcerned people, they normally don’t harbor any aversion towards others – they simple respect each other’s living space and mind their own business.

Saiyans have no religion or deity instead Saiyan gathers around the legend of the Super Saiyan. A Saiyan warrior so powerful they have no physical limits and ascend into a superior form. The super Saiyan legend has been passed down from generation to generation so long no-one really knows when or how it started, so much so that Saiyans aren’t sure it ever actually existed. The legend still drives the Saiyan to attempt greater and greater levels of power and strength. Accepting any challenge, the mythology being the stronger they become the closer they are to ascending to legend.

Half Bloods. A term used to describe a Saiyan not from the Planet Vegeta and not of pure blood. Nearly all known half-breed Saiyans are part Earthling and part Saiyan. This mixture seems to create a powerful fusion between the two races granting the offspring abilities of both species.

There are mixed feelings in the remaining Saiyan socially about half-breeds, yet most of the time they aren’t viewed any differently than purebloods. With no home planet and generally being raised “Earthling,” many Half-Saiyans are much more sympathetic than purebloods.

Home World. The Saiyan race resides on planet Plant, but this isn’t their homeworld. The Saiyan homeworld is known as Sadala, but it was destroyed by Saiyan internal conflict. So, the Saiyan flee Sadala and found Plant. It is not known how the Saiyan’s managed to travel through space.

Planet Plant possesses stronger gravity than other worlds, the planet’s gravity is roughly ten times stronger than Earth’s. The planet is mainly a harsh, arid desert world with forest or regions of vegetation and very little oceans or large bodies of water. The atmosphere and sky are a ruby, yellowish color. It is unknown if the sky was always this color, or it was changed by years of war and pollution. It is also possible the systems sun reached its last stage of stellar evolution.

The Saiyans were not the only inhabitants of the planet. At some point in the past, another race knows as the Tuffles, who lived alongside the Saiyan, lived on the planet. The Tuffles where physically weaker and smaller than Saiyans, an evolutionary trait that helped the stronger gravity affect them less. Unlike the Saiyan, the Tuffles were extremely intelligent and very skilled with technology. They built many cities across the planet and cultivated much of the land, leaving the most brutal areas to the Saiyans. After the war between the two species, the planet was left in ruins and the cites, desolated and derelict, decaying masses of twisted metal and stone. Little more is known about the planet Plant since it was destroyed by a powerful Arcosian named Freiza – scattering the Saiyan race among the stars.

History. The first race to inhabit planet Plant was called the Plantains, it is unknown if this specie evolved into the Tuffles. A very ancient, long-forgotten story suggests that the Saiyan suddenly and without warning appeared on the planet seeking refuge from another world and integrated with early Tuffles and from there their race expanded. Despite knowledge of early Tuffles and Saiyans at some point in their past, the two races become embattled with each other.  The Saiyans feeling treated as salves and outsiders they attacked the Tuffles – the Saiyans were led by King Vegeta. It is also known that the Tuffles were a peaceful race and they Saiyan attacked them unprovoked. Regardless, after the Saiyan-Tuffle war ended when the Tuffles were eradicated. At the peak of the war, the Tuffles had the upper hand over the Saiyans thanks to their technological advances. However, the Saiyan quickly gained the upper hand when the full moon, which only occurs once every eight years or so, appeared. The Saiyan were transformed by the moon’s blutz waves, the energy emitted by it, into giant apes also known as Oozaru. The war quickly ended and the Saiyans took control over the entire planet.

After roughly one hundred years or more the Arcosians discovered planet Vegeta and the Saiyans. The Arcosians annexed the Saiyans based on their physical toughness and brute strength. The Saiyans were then employed and given technologies and other goods in exchange for helping the Arcosians planet trade organization led by King Cold. Shortly afterward annexing the Saiyan King Cold handed the organization down to his youngest son Frieza. Frieza turned planet Vegeta in a military fortress world. Saiyan were sent out all over the universe to conquer numerous planets for the organization. Even young Saiyans and toddlers were sent to conquer weaker planets.

Several years later the Saiyan’s strength and powers began increasing exponentially. Although Frieza didn’t fear Saiyans, in general, he saw their collective forces troublesome. Worried that they would become powerful enough to threaten to him Frieza recalled nearly all the Saiyans from every corner of the universe and destroyed planet Vegeta. The Saiyan King and a few rebels attempted to stop the plot and attacked Frieza, but they failed, and the King was killed. After the destruction of the planet Frieza maintain control over the last remaining Saiyans by telling them the planet was impacted by a large asteroid and destroyed. Other stories of the planet’s obliteration were that a storm of asteroids destroyed the planet called forth by the Guardian of the planet to punish the Saiyans.

The remaining Saiyans continued to work for Freiza, even Prince Vegeta who was spared thanks to Frieza holding him captive during the destruction of the planet. At some point, the last Saiyans attempted to find survivors to help them conquer a planet for Frieza, although more likely to rebel against him. An unlikely, low class, warrior named Goku was found on planet Earth – sent there before the destruction of their planet. Goku resisted joining his kin, this acted launched a series of events that eventually led to Goku fighting and defeating Frieza. Finally, saving and freeing the universe and avenging his people.

Names. Saiyans only have one name given to them at birth and do not have any type of surname. Many Saiyan names are common, but they will contain at least two or three syllables, and many of them have either an ‘ah’ or ‘o’ sound in them. Saiyan names typically are puns of various vegetables, however, this isn’t always the case.

Male Names: Bardock, Borgos, Broly, Cabba, Kakarot, Panbuken

Female Names: Caulifla, Fasha, Gine, Kale, Note, Pan

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