Rage. During times of extreme emotional distress, you have the potential to activate rage, an ability that temporarily and substantially increases your fighting abilities. All characters have access to the rage ability at character creation. Rage is gained when you are subject to great distress from a narrative source such as a death or a plot point.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Tier of Power. None

Raging. When rage activates, you are an unstoppable force of raw power. Ignore all incoming damage regardless of its source. Ignore all health effects and any other negative modifiers that would or are currently affecting you. All attacks hit automatically; do not roll to hit. Rage lasts until the end of the round and you can’t gain rage more than once per combat scene. After the round ends, you will become exhausted and cannot perform any actions for one (1) round.

Forced Rage. You can also attempt to trigger rage when your health points reach the wounded threshold as an instant action. When reaching your wounded threshold, roll a morale saving throw with a very easy TN, if you pass the save nothing happens. If you fail the save you gain the Manifested Power Rage until the end of the round.

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