Bug Fixes 0.0.6 (05/22/2020)

  • Page Actions & Combat > Barrage > (Changed Text): Changes the damage modifier and damage type for barrage. Added clear text for soak against barrage.
  • Page Attacking & Conditions > Steadfast > (Change TN): Changed the required TN to successfully pass a standard steadfast check to TN easy (10).

Bug Fixes 0.0.5 (05/06/2020)

  • Added new Non-Digital character sheet to site.
  • Updated training system to give better purpose to condition ranges.

Bug Fixes 0.0.4 (04/05/2020)

  • Page Character Creation > Techniques > (Text Add): “Added text about saving technique points.”
  • Page Character Creation > Character Perks > (Text Add): “Explain gaining a specific perk versus gaining your choice of a character perk.”
  • Page Magical Abilities > Assault & Damage Effects > (Text Add to): “You can take this effect once for each tier of power reached.
  • Page Gear & Equipment > Gear Kit > (Text Add): “Your character’s race will determine what gear kits you can take at character creation; see your race’s starting gear section near the bottom of their page.”
  • Page Android > Overdrive > (Text Change): “Made changes to racial trait Overdrive.”
  • Page Signature Attack > Rapid Fire > (Text Change): “Made changes to rapid fire technique.”

Bug Fixes 0.0.3 (03/27/2020)

  • Page Androids > Stamina Drain > (Text Change): “Increase the number of life points stolen by organic consumption by one-half (1/2) the target’s tenacity modifier for each tier of power reached.”
  • Page Saiyans > Fluff Text > (Text Corrections): “Fixed general grammar issues. No rule changes”
  • Page Super Saiyan > Stacking Power > (Added Text): “Add new section about SSJ attribute modifier stacking.”
  • Page Namekian > Cellular Proliferation Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Majin > Elastic Regeneration Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Talents > Ballistic Specialist Talent > (Change Text): “Select one weapon you own, when using the select weapon you add your full Agility modifier to your strike rolls.”
  • Page Z-Soul > Starting Karma > (Section Added): “Starting Karma Section.”

Bug Fixes 0.0.2 (03/26/2020)

  • Page Character Creation > (Added Text):Add text to life point section to direct players to fill out health thresholds
  • Page Character Creation > (Added Text):Add text to direct players to fill out initiative & speed
  • Page Introduction > (Add Text):Add text about double dipping aptitudes – they don’t stack – E.I direct damage twice on one attack.
  • All race pages > (Correct Text): “Correct wealth values on race pages
  • Page Earthling > Earthling Resolve > (Correct Text): “Remove comma after health
  • Page Earthling > Subspecies > (Correct Text):Remove Heroic Fury and replace with earthing resolve.
  • Page Talents > Weapon Specialist > (Correct Text): Change natural result to dice score. Change bonus value to +3 & change top bonus to +1
  • Page Talents >Ambidextrous Talent > (Change Text) Change bonus for each tier of power from +2 to +1
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot, Energy Slinger, Martial Prowess, Second Wind. Talents > (Remove Text): “Botch and critical rolls still count as solid dice.”
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot Talent > (Change Text): “Battle jack to battle Jacket.
  • Page Character Creation > Character Perks > (Correct Text): “Increase a single attribute by two (+2), gain one (1) skill proficiency and receive five (5) technique points.”
  • Page Talents > Iron Fist > (Correct Text): Change text to so bonus applies to only physical attacks.

Bug Fixes 0.0.1 (03/26/2020)

  • Page Earthlings > Quick To Master Racial Trait > (Added text): “Quick to Master effects all technique points you gain including those you gain at character creation.”
  • Page Character Creation > Getting Started > (Added Text): “Each time you gain a Power Level your experience points will reset back to zero (0).”
  • Page Character Creation > Beyond Power Level Twenty > (Added Text): “There is no limit to how high your power level can be.”
  • Page Super Saiyan > (Added Text): “Attribute bonuses from each stage stack with the previous stage, so if you are Super Saiyan three your attribute bonus will be six (+6).”
  • Page Talents > Close Range Shot (Talent) > (Corrected text): “Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).”
  • Page Character Creation > Tiers of Power > (Added Text): “The only dice from tiers of power that can score critical and botch results are d10s. See (Core Rules)”
  • Page Character Creation > (Added new text section): “Saving Throw Proficiencies. Each race is proficient with a specific saving throw. When making a save that you are proficient with increase the natural result requirement to score a critical roll by one (+1). Your requirement can’t become lower than seven (7) while using aptitude.

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