Website > Made from grammar and edits to text on various pages. No major changes.

Today, I launched a few initiatives. I created a subreddit for DBU. I created a linktree site that will help centralize all the links and sites associated with DBU. I updated our Patreon page. I joined the RPGdesign Reddit discord server to help grow the community and get more feedback. I finally got around to shout outs for Patreon donators. I post a brief history about DBU as a whole in our subreddit. I reached out to a few contacts about PDF design, still not sure if this come to fruition – but it is a highly requested item. I made some small updates to the other DBU pages, group and the like.

Update Fixes 0.2.2 (11/08/2020)

Races > Shinjin > Added Shinjin webpage. With game mechanics and fluff information.

Transformations > Dark Demon > Add Dark Demon webpage. With game mechanics and fluff information (WIP).

Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Changed bonus to SSJ stress test from two to one.

Website > General spelling, grammar and formatting edits

Update Fixes 0.2.1 (11/06/2020)

Character Creation > Tier of Power > Added new section ‘Cost of Power’ – this section explains the increase cost of base ki points for attack, technique and ability types.

Shinjin Racial Trait Preview – WIP

Celestial Potential (Shinjin Trait). Your natural potential is unlocked from birth and you are more adept than other species. Once per combat encounter, you can reduce the negative effects of a single botch dice result by one (-1). Increase the number of times you can use Celestial Potential during a combat encounter by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. As an example, at tier of power three you can reduce the negative effects of up to three (3) separate botched rolls during a single combat encounter.

The effects of Celestial Potential stack with the effects of the Manifested Power Unlocked Potential.

Cosmic Efficiency (Shinjin Trait). You have absolute control of the flow of Ki throughout your body. This natural affinity allows you to use your ki in the most effective and efficient way. When using Ki Points for any reason, reduce the amount of required points by half (1/2) your Spirit modifier, to a minimum of two (2). This stacks with other talents and traits that also reduce Ki Point cost. However, regardless of the minimum required from other sources you must always pay at least a minimum two (2) Ki Point requirement. This minimum is increase by three (+3) for each tier of Power reached.

Cosmic Efficiency is always applied last after all other Ki reducing abilities, traits, or other such capabilities.

Far Seeing (Shinjin Trait). Part of your natural divinity as a Shinjin lets you can see past the natural barrier of reality and into the celestial. When making any of the following skill checks increase your natural result by 1d6, increase this bonus by +1d6 for each tier of power reached. Far seeing affects the following skills: knowledge (Any), Creature Handling, Clairvoyance, Perception, Use Magic, and Investigation.

Update Fixes 0.2.0 (10/27/2020)

Digital Auto Calculating Character Sheet >Now available in the download selection. Please follow guide on how to download and copy. Requires Google Drive.

Actions & Conditions > Maneuvers > Add new text = “You get one free (+1) counter maneuver per round of combat that doesn’t count towards your normal actions. Increase this number of free counter maneuver(s) you have each round by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. However, you may also spend your normal actions as a counter maneuver.”

Introduction > Variant Rules > Added new text block about optional rules.

Core Rules > Dice Creep > New variant rule added

Core Rules > Skill Proficiency > Cleaned up text and add information about skill proficiency ranks.

Earthlings > Beastmen > Bite Trait > This trait can now only be used once per round of combat.

Namekians > Correct some grammar errors.

Gear & Equipment > Gear Kits > Martial Artist > Added one free weapon quality to free weapon from kit.

Gear & Equipment > Ranged Weapon > Add base damage for ranged weapons and optional increases for additional wealth.

Gear & Equipment > Boosters > Power Boosters > Changed text to better reflect booster’s effects.

*Change Character Sheet webpage title to Downloads.

Update Fixes 0.1.9 (10/18/2020)

Actions & Combat > Attack Maneuver > Added new sub rule ‘Desperation’

Gear & Equipment > Weapon Qualities > Added two new qualities (Buckshot & Piercing Shot) and made changes to the explosive quality

Battle Grounds > Area Attacks > Added new section detailing different types of area of effect attacks – With diagrams!

Talents > Add four new talents; Keen Eye, Stealth Strike, Wild & Feral Counter

Update Fixes 0.1.8 (10/16/2020)

New website theme > Changes made to mobile site to help with navigation.

Actions & Combat > Surge Maneuver > You can now use one surge maneuver per combat without an ability granting you the capability to.

Fusion > Namekian Fusion > Made some changes.               

Majin > Assimilation > Change how step 1 works – Now uses grapple rules.

Androids > Proficiencies > Add new skill ‘concealment’.

Transformation Rules > Stress Test > Changed when test is taken.

Update Fixes 0.1.7 (09/14/2020)

Gear & Equipment > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • Ranged Weapon > Change standard firing distance for ranged weapons.
  • Reload > Added additional reload rules for ranged weapons that use ammunition.
  • Reloading Speed > Weapon Quality > Add new ranged weapon option

Reload Maneuver > Added maneuver for reloading in Actions & Combat section.

Sight & Illumination > Added combat condition in Battle Ground section.

Actions & Combat  > Section > Add Dragon Rush flow chart.

Update Fixes 0.1.6 (09/11/2020)

Core Rule > Scholarship > Change abbreviation from SH to SC

Actions & Combat > Added new Maneuver > Out-of-Sequence

Character Creation > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • Character Perks > Skill Proficiency/Mixed Aptitude > Changed Text & benefits
  • Made standardization changes to speed, Swiftness, and race speeds. Added terms and generally cleaned up speed.

Talents > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • Combat Expertise > Reworked/reworded this talent
  • Energy Control > Tweaked talent
  • Fleet of Foot > Tweaked talent
  • Fortitude > This talent is now retroactive
  • Power Strike > Tweaked talent
  • Overpowering > Reworked talent & Change name to Brawler
  • Second Wind > Reworked talent
  • Trigger Man > Tweaked talent

Z-Soul > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

Update Fixes 0.1.5 (09/10/2020)

Core Rules > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • The Dice > Added entitled dice example
  • Agility > Passive Perception/Conceal > Moved to Insight attribute and text added.
  • Strength > Athletics & Physical Power text changes
  • Strength > Clarified Super Stack language
  • Tenacity > Life Points > Added text
  • Tenacity > Soak Value > Added text & clarity
  • Scholarship > Changed some minor text
  • Potency > Manipulation > Minor text changes

Actions & Combat > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • Initiative Advantage > Change text and clarity
  • Blitz Maneuver > Changed some text
  • Dragon Rush > Changed texted and clarity
  • Energy Charge Maneuver > Changed text and clarity
  • Energy Duel > Changed text and clarity
  • Grapple Maneuver > Changes to Moving Target, Changed text and clarity
  • Instant Maneuver > Add text
  • Movement Maneuver > Change text to standardized speed term and clarity
  • Surge Maneuver > Cleaned up text

Attacking & Conditions > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

  • Melee attack range > Reworded
  • Range Distances > Name Changed to Long Range
  • Combat Conditions > Add Buff to the list of conditions
  • End Condition > Changed and add text

Transformation Rules > Section > General grammar, punctuation, spelling,

Update Fixes 0.1.4 (09/06/2020)

Add NEW content to the Adversaries and Villain section. You can now create your own complete stat block adversary! These are new rules expect bug fixes, updates, and changes over the new few days.