UPDATE FIXES 0.2.5 (02/24/2021)

Talents Page > Changed some formatting for better reading

Talents Page > New Saiyan Elite Talent

Talents Page > Adept Warrior Talent

Talents Page > Ground Fighter Talent

Talents Page > Judo Trained Talent

Talents Page > Assimilator Talent

Talents Page > Astounding Transformation

Talents Page > Effective Defenses

Talents Page > Practiced Eater

Rage Page> Changed some text and added some clarity

Special Thanks to Faye & Worm for Talent suggestions!


We have changed the theme and layout of our website again. Hopefully, the new improvements will help everyone search and navigate better. We are looking for feedback on rules that need linked to other sections and entries for easy locating.

Also, are you a member of Roll20.com? If so, the Dragon Ball Universe Character sheet is now available to use in your games. You don’t have to upload anything, you can select the sheet when you are making a character so long as you have a PRO subscription. Check it out. Share it with you friends and gaming group!

We had over 36,000k views in 2020 and we have over 16,000k views so far in 2021. Lets keep the hype train rolling. Remember to share!

Update Fixes 0.2.4 (02/13/2021)

Talents > Surging Strength > New Talent

Talents > Swaggering Wager > New Talent

Talents > Under Pressure > Reworked Talent based on community member Worm suggestion.

Transformations > Class Up > Add new transformation Class up created by DeathForRights – Special Thanks to Reminarc, Kota1908, BlueberryTheBard, SpiritoftheSands and Worm

Update Fixes 0.2.3 (01/22/2021)

DBU Website > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

DBU Downloads > Added new fillable character sheet by Tytum.

DBU Downloads > Added new link to Roll20 PRO character Sheet by Oboe.

Shinjin Page > Corrected Shinjin page URL from “Trash” to correct wording.

Character Creation Page > Life Points > Changed starting dice rolled for Life points @ PL1 from 3d10 to 5d10. Changed dice rolled for for Life points @ PL2+ from 1d10 to 2d10. *Edited information under Tenacity to match changes.*

Actions & Combat > Bonus Momentum > Changed the core function of Bonus Momentum to give more meaning and celebration to rule.

Actions & Combat > Energy Duel > Added rules for possible tie scenarios while in an energy duel.

Attacking & Conditions > Steadfast > Changed steadfast TN from “Easy” to “Very Easy”

Earthlings > Eye of the Dragon > Made changes to the function of this trait to bring it into better balance.

Signature Attack > Combination & Rapid Fire > Made changes to both attacks to bring into better balance.


Greetings! Quick News drop or update. You decide. A community member who goes by Tytun has converted the standard printable character sheet into a fillable character sheet. You can download and check out this new sheet in the download section. That is all for now. More News and updates are coming. Enjoy and thank you for being part of our growing community!


Hello DBU community. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Holiday season. Merry Christmas/Freiza Day and Happy New Year/Cooler Eve. With the Holidays ending I will start to work on more updates and some content. The printable character sheet has been updated and I am working on my updates to the site this weekend. There has also been a ton of cool homebrew content released lately and I encourage everyone to check those out. Looking forward to a new year!


Happy Holidays and New Year. As we enter the season of joy and family I wanted to reach out to the community and thank everyone for the support and feedback. From now until the new year I will be relaxing and spending time with my family. During this time it is unlikely to be anything extremely new developed. I will still be available for questions and will be doing fixes and updates as I find them and they are pointed out. This is standard procedure for this time of year and I will start again on new content after the holidays!


Website > Made from grammar and edits to text on various pages. No major changes.

Today, I launched a few initiatives. I created a subreddit for DBU. I created a linktree site that will help centralize all the links and sites associated with DBU. I updated our Patreon page. I joined the RPGdesign Reddit discord server to help grow the community and get more feedback. I finally got around to shout outs for Patreon donators. I post a brief history about DBU as a whole in our subreddit. I reached out to a few contacts about PDF design, still not sure if this come to fruition – but it is a highly requested item. I made some small updates to the other DBU pages, group and the like.


Update Fixes 0.2.2 (11/08/2020)

Races > Shinjin > Added Shinjin webpage. With game mechanics and fluff information.

Transformations > Dark Demon > Add Dark Demon webpage. With game mechanics and fluff information (WIP).

Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Changed bonus to SSJ stress test from two to one.

Website > General spelling, grammar and formatting edits

Update Fixes 0.2.1 (11/06/2020)

Character Creation > Tier of Power > Added new section ‘Cost of Power’ – this section explains the increase cost of base ki points for attack, technique and ability types.

Shinjin Racial Trait Preview – WIP

Celestial Potential (Shinjin Trait). Your natural potential is unlocked from birth and you are more adept than other species. Once per combat encounter, you can reduce the negative effects of a single botch dice result by one (-1). Increase the number of times you can use Celestial Potential during a combat encounter by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. As an example, at tier of power three you can reduce the negative effects of up to three (3) separate botched rolls during a single combat encounter.

The effects of Celestial Potential stack with the effects of the Manifested Power Unlocked Potential.

Cosmic Efficiency (Shinjin Trait). You have absolute control of the flow of Ki throughout your body. This natural affinity allows you to use your ki in the most effective and efficient way. When using Ki Points for any reason, reduce the amount of required points by half (1/2) your Spirit modifier, to a minimum of two (2). This stacks with other talents and traits that also reduce Ki Point cost. However, regardless of the minimum required from other sources you must always pay at least a minimum two (2) Ki Point requirement. This minimum is increase by three (+3) for each tier of Power reached.

Cosmic Efficiency is always applied last after all other Ki reducing abilities, traits, or other such capabilities.

Far Seeing (Shinjin Trait). Part of your natural divinity as a Shinjin lets you can see past the natural barrier of reality and into the celestial. When making any of the following skill checks increase your natural result by 1d6, increase this bonus by +1d6 for each tier of power reached. Far seeing affects the following skills: knowledge (Any), Creature Handling, Clairvoyance, Perception, Use Magic, and Investigation.