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I wanted to speak for a moment to everyone about how amazing the community is. I would have never imagined fourteen years ago what this game would become. From sitting in the back room of my friend’s apartment writing rules in a notebook for a Dragon Ball Z role-playing game to running a community of hundreds for the internet’s number one Dragon Ball role-playing Game – Dragon Ball Universe.

I would like to thank Luminaire and Vinesauce for their efforts and dedication to editing DBU and keeping all the rules error free.

I want to thank the moderators on our discord, Ferhargo, GSM for keeping the peace.

I like to extend a thank you our collaborators; Harmony, Worst Software, Kota1908, Sir Chris, Gabe/Tomaben, Worm, Avaliab and Oboe. I want to make an extra thanks to Worm for their professional homebrewing and helping other community members bring to their ideas to life.

I would also like to thank our Patreon members who donate to help keep the website up and running; ssj4god, Elik Heavensblood, Zoren and 2shae720.  All donation welcome, never asked for or needed.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the community for their fandom, support, and feedback. I like to thank everyone for allowing me to be part of this project and to lead it.

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UPDATE FIXES 0.4.4 (04/13/2021)

Website > General > Grammar and corrections.

Page Saiyan > Raging Hero > Reworked and tweaked this trait.

Page Shinjin > Health Modifier > Increase Kaio from 4 to 5.

Page Campaign Type > Add planet creation system – Can also be found in the download section. By Avaliab

Page Talents > Practiced > Change bonus from this trait from 3 to 2 and increase from 3 to 1.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.3 (04/11/2021)

Page Transformation Rules > Accessibility > Reword and tweaked this rule.

Page Transformation Rules > Alternate Transformation Mastery > New rule.

Page Actions & Combat > Initiative Advantage > This rule no longer scales.

Page Metamorphosis > Unrelenting > Reworked this trait.

Page Metamorphosis > Add to general Meta rules to ToP increase based on Stage.

Page Super Saiyan > Heroic Momentum > Reworked this trait.

Page Super Saiyan > Prideful Celerity > Reworked this trait.

Page Super Saiyan > Add to general SSJ rules to ToP increase based on Stage.

Page Oozaru > Add to general Oozaru rules to ToP increase based on Stage.

I will be updating the mastery for all forms in the next few updates. I will also be working on improving all forms in general – specifically Power Boost and Class Up. All Alternate Forms will have a Mastery. Ascension Talent will also be becoming a new Enhancement Form in the future. If you have any feedback on the Updates or ideas for Mastery of a form please join Us in our discord server and share your thoughts.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.2 (04/09/2021)

Lots of changes please give feedback where it is needed. I want to ensure I covered everything that the changes below affect.

Page Kaioken > Exponential Power > Changes to the Extra Dice, Attribute Bonus and Stress Test Increase for this trait.

Page Kaioken > Cost of Strength > Add effects for being using with multiple forms.

Page Kaioken > Stress Test > Reduced base Stress Test from 12 to 10.

Page Ultimate Evolution > Attribute Bonuses > Added bonus to AG, ST, SP, PO to bring in with other forms.

Page Ultimate Evolution > Arcosian Evolution > Corrected stress test increase from other Metamorphosis forms.

Page Ultimate Evolution > Flawed Fortitude > Slight rework of this trait

Page Ultimate Evolution > Mastery > Slight rework of this trait

Page Ultimate Evolution > Brilliant Offensive > Removed part of trait for balancing.

Page Godly Powers > Paragon > Changes to the attribute bonuses you gain from this form.

Page Godly Powers > Divine Energy > Changes to this trait to function easier and balancing.

Page Talents > Improved Movement > Slight change to this talent.

Page Talents > Bounce of the Majin > Reworked this talent.

Page Talents > Arrogant > Correct test of saving throw.

Page Talents > Primal Ape > New Talent

Page Talents > Ascension > Increase stress test while using Godly Powers to 6 from 3.

Page Core Rules > Target Number > Change ToP increase from 5 to 3.

Page Core Rules > Saving Throw > Add rules for Transformations attribute bonuses.

Page Core Rules > Spirit > Clairvoyant > Changed how this skill grants bonuses to Saving Throws.

Page Core Rules > Agility > Acrobatics > Add flavor to this skill.

Page Core Rules > Strength > Athletics > Add flavor to this skill.

Page Core Rules > Insight > Survival > Add flavor to this skill.

Page Core Rules > Personality > Persuasion > Add flavor to this skill.

Page Transformation Rules > Power Gained, Power Earned > New Rule

TransformationAttribute BonusStress Test
Super Saiyan Four/Mastery (Primal Ape) +8/+16 (+20)33
Metamorphosis Super Evolution+1133
Ultimate Evolution +6/+9/+11/+1432/35/39/42
Godly Powers+1630
Godly Powers + SSJ/Mastery (Ascended)+14/+16 (+18)33 (36)
Godly Powers + Super Evolution+2338
Godly Powers + Kaioken x3/x10/x20+20/+24/+2835/36/37
Godly Powers + SSJ + Kaioken x3/x10/x20
/ (Ascended)
Godly Powers + Super Evolution + Kaioken x3/x10/x20 +39/+43/+4740/41/42
Godly Powers + Ultimate Evolution (Super Evolution) + Kaioken x3/x10/x20 +42/+46/+5042/43/44

I took a bit of time to figure out the attribute bonuses and Stress Test of all the forms. There are a few other forms that I didn’t do, but I wanted everyone to see these ones. Keep in mind while going over this that I based all the Metamorphosis, this includes Ultimate Evolution, stress test without bodily fortitude. I am figuring that I did some of these wrong or might have miscalculated so please feel free to double check me – that is the whole reason I listed them out to make sure the math (totals) are what I thought they are and should be. These might/probably change from feedback.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.1 (04/09/2021)

Page Transformation Rules > Stress Test > Add some change to how to roll Stress Test.

Page All Transformations > Stress Test > Increase the Stress Test of all forms, with test, by two (+2).

Page Kaioken > Kaioken Table > Increase Stress for x2,x10,x20 by +1/+2/+3.

Page Super Saiyan > Lightning Reflexes > Change how this trait works.

Page Pure Form > Relentless > New Trait

Page Androids > Karyon Core > Add additional rules to this trait for over damaging.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.0 (04/05/2021)

Page Shinjin > Kiri Single > Ki Point reduction from 8 to 3.

Page Shinjin > Kiri Orb > Ki Point reduction from 12 to 6.

Page Shinjin > Cosmic Efficiency > Add rule to trait to be applied last after all other Ki Point reductions.

Page Dark Demon > Attribute Bonuses > Down from +3 to +2

Page Dark Demon > Creeping Corruption > Removed penalty to Ki Points for Stress Exhaustion. Change bonus to attribute and penalty to stress test value.

Page Dark Demon > Swelling Darkness > Changed how this trait functions.

Page Class Up > Stress Test Value > Reduced from 12 to 10.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.9 (04/03/2021)

Page Shinjin > Makaio Traits > Made changes to all traits.

Page Dark Demon > Made changes to form and all traits.

Page Android > Made changes to all traits.

Page Android > Bio-Engineered > New sub-race trait Karyon Core.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.8 (03/29/2021)

Page Talents > Primordial Control > New Talent

Page Pure Form > Out-of-Control > Made changes to this trait.

Page Actions & Combat > Empowered Maneuver > Add effect to this Action.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.7 (03/27/2021)

Page Giant Form > General reworking and rewording of all traits for this form to bring balance.

Page Talent > Neuromuscular > New Talent

Page Battle Grounds > Battle Backgrounds > Add new link for battle grounds.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.6 (03/27/2021)

Page Talents > Oozaru Focus > Made changes to talent.

Page Talents > Saiyan Tail Resistance > Made changes to talent.

Page Oozaru > Indomitable > Made changes to this trait.

Page Oozaru > Dense Strength > New Trait.

Page Oozaru > Bulky > Made changes to this trait for balancing.

Page Saiyans > Saiyan Tail > Increase cognitive save from 10 to 15.