One can have their potential unlocked any number of times but each time is only a fragment of your true potential. You, through this transformation, are able to unleash your current maximum potential and surpass any previous limits you once held to yourself. Your appearance does not change, your features only appearing sharper and more focused. Your aura changes to a glorious, pure white color that represents the pure power seeping out from the depths of your soul.

Mystic can only be obtained by characters who have the Unlocked Potential Manifested Power. If you gain the Unlocked Potential Manifested Power while already having at least one other instance of the Manifested Power and being Tier of Power 4 or higher – you may attempt to enter the Mystic Legendary Form.

To enter the Mystic Legendary Form for the first time, you must use the Transformation Maneuver and pass a Stress Test of 30. If you fail, you may attempt it again during another session but you cannot attempt it again during your current session. If you succeed, you gain access to and transform into the Mystic Legendary Form.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. Equal to your Power Level
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Perfect Ki Control, Enhanced Save (All)
* * * *

Latent Power. Every last drop of your potential comes to the forefront. For each instance of Unlocked Potential you have gained:

  • Increase the Attribute Modifiers marked with an asterisk (*) by +2.
  • Reduce the penalty from Botch Results by 1. This stacks with the Potential Trait and can allow the penalty to become a bonus.
  • Increase the bonus to your Combat Rolls from the Power Up Maneuver by +1. This stacks with the Power Unleashed Trait.

Beyond Transformations. Your other transformations are no longer necessary. When you transform, choose one Alternate Form you have access to. This transformation gains the Attribute Modifier Bonuses of that transformation and its traits. If the Alternate Form has multiple stages, you can only use the traits of the stages that you have gained access to.

This does not include traits that would change your physical appearance or Size Category.

Mystic Mastery. When you gain mastery for the Mystic Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Bottomless Potential. Gain one instance of the Unlocked Potential Manifested Power.
  • Natural Form. You gain the Natural Form Aspect.

Mystic can be mastered any number of times. Each time you gain mastery for Mystic after the first, apply Bottomless Potential again.

Legendary Trait

Brought to the Limit. Treat your Power Level as +1 higher for each instance of Unlocked Potential you have for all effects that use Power Level, other than your Tier of Power. You may add your Power Level to your rolls for Surge Maneuvers.

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