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Personality. Majins have amorphic personalities which are subject to the individual or peoples they have assimilated. Their personalities can widely vary, and they can have just about any type of character. A Majin’s core personality is always present, but their mannerism and actions can vary depending on who they assimilated. Most Majins have a carefree, happy good lucky childlike personality, but this doesn’t stop them from being ferocious warriors.

Some Majins’ childlike nature can be like a spoiled and selfish young child – retaining little to no remorse, regret, compassion or other sympathetic emotions. These Majin have a rather selfish mindset and can be very difficult to be around since their actions can be random and unpredictable. Other Majins’ can be the complete opposite with cheerful and innocent personalities that view fighting as fun and the world as a theme park.

Some Majins are purely good and they can be very kind and compassionate. They have the same childlike mind, but they aware of other’s feelings and wellbeing. With sympathetic emotions, they care about living things and are just as respectful of life as anyone else.

Physical Description. Made entirely out of the arcane remnants of universal essence Majin are living sentient beings of manifested magic. Majins are humanoid shapeshifting, multicolored beings with the physical consistency of bubble gum. Most Majins’ have shades of pink or dark purple skin, though there are known Majins that are other colors.

Majins have rather unique physical properties, they don’t have any type of vital organs and their internal bodily functions are a complete mystery. They have no blood and they seem to simply be made of some sort of rubble like material. This allows them to change their shape and physical looks into nearly type of humanoid, although they will still be their normal skin color. Majins can use this ability to stretch their limbs and body, not unlike the Namekians. Their physical makeup also allows them to reattach severed limbs and put themselves back together after being all be disintegrated.

Majins have black eyes with red iris and some type of antenna or rubble like horn on their head. With the ability to change their physical appearance and form Majins can have a height of 3’0” to 8’0” and weight from 140lb. to well over 700lb. No one knows how long Majins can live or if they even age at all. A well-known Majin named Boo is said to be at least five million or more years old. This makes knowing a Majin’s age rather difficult since there are no other moral species that can live that long. Since they can far outlive other species no one is for sure exactly how they are born or created. It is known that Majins are asexual and don’t have a defining gender, although some are known to change their appearance to appear more like a typically male or female. It seems that two Majin can create other Majins using a magical technique that involves a large amount of energy.

Society. The Majin people do not have a civilization of their own, although they have pseudo society among their own kind. Majins seem to recognize this internal society when they are together and understand the hierarchy. Although, this society doesn’t seem to have any cohesive structure to other species.

Majins love to travel and explore and naturally don’t remain in the same place for a long time. Their childlike behavior and wanderlust drive them to spend their immortal lives wandering the vastness of the universe. Majins tend to gravitate towards interesting and powerful people. No one is sure if this on purpose or simply part of their magical nature. Majin’s favorite thing to do is eat, they will search a world for the tastiest candies and treats. It isn’t known if Majins need to eat or they simply eat for the pleasure of it – either way they can typically be found eating.

If a Majin finds enough interesting people, delicious candy, and fun they are known to settle down and create lasting friendships. Majins integration with other species can be difficult and problematic due to their childish behavior, but with the right tutoring, they can become members of nearly any civilization.

Homeworld. Majins do not have a known homeworld, however, it is rumored that at the onset of primordial time, they inhabited a distant planet. Though this rumor can’t be confirmed by the Majins or anyone else giving the number of eons that have passed. Instead, Majins tend to inhabit the homeworlds of their friends or the yummiest food.

Most known Majins are from the planet Earth where they have integrated with several Earthlings groups. Although, most Earthlings are unaware of the Majins’ presence the two species do interact from time to time.

History. The first known member of this race is the Majin Buu, who has existed since time immemorial, cycling between rampages and long hibernation. It is rumored that Majin Buu was snapped into existence by the left-over materials that were used by the cosmic entities to form the universes. However, there are other accounts of Majins throughout the history of the universes, but no one is sure if there was a Majin civilization at some point or if they were spawns of Buu himself.

What history is known about the Majins is specific to Majin Buu. He was discovered by an evil wizard named Bibidi who used powerful dark magic to control and enslave Buu. Buu attempted to resist, but Bibidi lied and told Buu that he created Buu and was his father. Bobbidi used Majin Buu to terrorize the universe and slaughter millions. Bibidi’s mission was to dominate the universe which led him to the Supreme Kais. He used Majin Buu to attack the Kais killing all, but the Supreme West Kai known as Shin. During these events, Majin Buu used his assimilation powers to absorb the South Supreme Kai Daikaioh transforming Buu into an innocent child. Buu himself was still powerful, but his childlike mind was easily taken advantage of by Bibidi who was able to completely control Buu. Bibidi created a magical ball that would allow him to trap Buu if he was disobedient or if Bibidi wanted to transport him easier.

At some point Bibidi set his sights on planet Earth, he sent Majin Buu ahead to the planet inside his ball. However, Bibidi was ambushed by the Supreme West Kai Shin and killed. Unknown to Shin Bibidi created a son named Babidi who later took over his father’s mission.

Babidi traveled to Earth to awaken Majin Buu, however, he was met by Earth’s heroes. Buu was unfortunately awakened and Babidi led him to destroy much of Earth’s population. Buu eventually killed by Babidi after Goku explained that he was controlling Buu and that Buu shouldn’t fear him. This led to a series of events with Buu splitting into two, a good and evil version. The evil Buu won and ate good Buu. During the battle against Earth’s heroes good Buu was freed and the evil Buu turned into his original primordial form.  This primordial Buu was later destroyed by Goku and Vegeta during a fierce fight on the Supreme Kai planet of Kaioshin. In recent times, over the generations since the death of evil Buu, the Majins have expanded into an entire species becoming very powerful warriors. Good Buu used his powers of magic and split himself into two beings Mr. and Mrs. Buu. Together they used very powerful magic to create children and thus the Majin species was born.

Names. Majin names typically have some sort of reference to magic or magical words. Every name is preceded by Majin. No one is sure why Majins do this, but it might be because most Majins are born from Buu.

Names: Majin Ajji, Majin Abra, Majin Zlam, Majin Baba

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