Golden Evolution

A golden, glimmering sheen. Your true form was already a dazzling show of power but through further training, you’ve found a way to bring this power up to even greater heights! Your new golden physique isn’t just for show and the golden aura that envelops your body warns others of your overwhelming brilliance. It may seem a little gaudy but let’s just call this your Golden Evolution.

To gain Golden Evolution, you need to have mastered every stage of the Metamorphosis Alternate Form and be Tier of Power 5+. When you first attempt to transform into Golden Evolution, increase its Stress Test by 1(T). If you manage to pass that Stress Test, you gain access to the Legendary Form.

  • Race. Arcosian
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 32
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 5+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Impulsive), Controlled Fury, Draining (Level 3)

Beyond Final. Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus of Golden Evolution by the total Attribute Modifier Bonus of your True Form stage of the Metamorphosis Alternate Form. Additionally, you gain all Meta Traits available to your True Form. In regards to Legend Realized, transforming into Golden Evolution counts as transforming into your True Form, if you are not already in it.

If your current number of Ki Points is lower than half your Ki Point Pool, reduce your Attribute Modifiers by -2(T).

Refined Brutality. When you activate the Brutal Assault racial trait, increase the Damage Category of that attack (Standard Damage becomes Direct, Direct Damage becomes Lethal).

Once per Combat Encounter, if you successfully manage to hit one opponent with two or more attacks, you may trade your Counter Action to gain two additional actions this Combat Round. These actions must be used to make basic attacks and you cannot Ki Wager on these attacks. The actions can be used for attacking maneuvers such as the Blitz Maneuver. If you use this effect of Refined Brutality, double the amount of Ki Points you lose from the Draining Aspect next Combat Round and gain the Impediment Combat Condition until the end of your next turn.

Golden Physique. Increase the Soak Value gained from Survivor by +2(T). Reduce your Soak Value by -1(T) each time you are knocked through a Health Threshold. If you are knocked through a Health Threshold and pass your Steadfast Save, you may make a basic attack against the attacker as an Out-of-Sequence Action. You cannot Ki Wager on this attack unless you were knocked through the Wounded Health Threshold.

Golden Evolution Mastery. Mastery for Golden Evolution can be gained three times. When you gain Mastery for Golden Evolution, you gain one of the following bonuses (you choose):

  • True Golden Sheen. You do not lose Soak Value from the Golden Physique Trait.
  • True Golden Ferocity. Increase the Dice Category of the Extra Dice gained from the Brutal Assault Racial Trait to d10s.
  • True Golden Control. You must have gained Mastery for Golden Evolution at least one other time before you can select this. Replace the Draining Aspect with the Perfect Ki Control Aspect and remove ‘If your current number of Ki Points is lower than half your Ki Point Pool, reduce your Attribute Modifiers by -2(T)’ from the Beyond Final trait.

Legendary Trait

Effects of Training. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/SP) of the Metamorphosis Alternate Form by +1(T). Keratinous Plating reduces both Direct Damage and Lethal Damage by -3(T) instead.

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