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Personality. Adventure-seeking and daring Earthlings are by far the most ambitious species in the universe. Earthlings have personalities that mirror real-life humans and are diverse in their characteristics. Earthlings’ personalities aren’t only diverse from other species but are much likelier to change or evolve over time compared to other races. Earthlings tend to be much more neutral or unaligned than other species, this allows them to adopt or assume another individual’s culture as their own. Earthlings can fit or evolve into nearly any society and will even implement parts of other societies into their own.

Earthlings are considerably adaptable and flexible not only in personality or society but also in combat. They are typically perceived as weak but can take and deal much more damage than other species believe.

Physical Description. Earthlings can have a large variety of height, weight, skin tone, hair, and even physical traits. Most Earthlings have a height of 4’5” to 6’5” and weight anywhere from 120lbs to 300lb, but they tend to lean towards lower weights. Most Earthling males are heavier and large than females due to male fondness of contest, but this isn’t always the case.

Many Earthlings are often ostentatious wearing flashy clothes or sporting unusual hairstyles or color and some even have tattoos or piercings. Earthlings tend to be flashier and livelier due to their short life span, only living roughly eighty to ninety years.

Society. The Earthlings society is diverse with different races and even anthropomorphic animals. There is very little time to discriminate among the peoples of Earth since there is such a large diversity of Earthling species and race. Generally, Earthlings are friendly and open to outsiders due to the different type of anthropomorphic animals and monsters that inhabit the planet. Although, in more recent times it seems that humans tend to dominate the globe.

Earth’s society is led by a King of nations, this king rules over all the planet’s forty-three sectors. These sectors have their own local governments that exist under the world monarchy but aren’t considered monarchs themselves. The world is protected by a military called the King’s Guard which deals in matters of global threats. But the planet is typically peaceful, and the guard is rarely utilized since existential threats are dealt with by powerful unsung heroes.

Home World. Planet 4032-Green-877 also known as Earth is the homeworld to the Earthlings. A ball of blues, greens, and browns Earth is a beautiful planet at the edge of the Northern quadrant under the administration of the North Kai and Lord Beerus.

The planet has blue skies dotted with white clouds and large, vast turquoise oceans. Although most of the surface is covered in water there is one enormous green, brown and gray landmass that covers the planet. This continent is accompanied by a large rocky land to the north and a huge inland chain to the south. At the center of the continent is the central capital city. There are also four other cities named after the cardinal directions. North City is located deep inside a large mountain range. East city is next to the ocean and is partially surrounded by a large forest and an open plain. West City also resides near the ocean on the opposite side of the continent, it is partly surrounded by a small mountainous-like region and open plains. South city is located on the largest inland of the enormous island chain. This city is surrounded by beaches, open plains, and a vast, thick forest.

History. The history of Earthlings is bloody and violent, it is fraught with war, conflict, and death. The early parts of Earthling history begun like real-life humans. Earthlings lived in tribes spread across the planet and after many ages’ civilization begun and tribes came together. This is when the evil Namekian name Piccolo attempted to take over the planet. However, thanks to a group of brave martial artists and their magical techniques they managed to seal Piccolo away. Around this time an unknown Earthling managed to collect all the Earth dragonballs and wish would become the king of all nations. This led to a large-scale global war that ended with a single world government being formed.

When this single world government was being formed there were several paramilitary groups such as the Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf. These groups fought for supremely not only through battle but using dragonballs. If it hadn’t been for the courage of a young Saiyan named Goku defeating both Pilaf and the Red Ribbon Army the Earth might have been ruled by one of these paramilitary groups. However, larking in the shadows was Piccolo who had returned and resumed his plan of global domination. The young Saiyan Goku challenged Piccolo to combat and defeated him saving the planet.

After the defeat of Piccolo and the paramilitary groups, the world’s technology grew very quickly entering the industrial age and blowing through it into the digital age within a decade. As time progressed Earthlings placed more emphasis on the mystic and martial arts allowing them to take foothold as a young warrior race.

Names. Earthling names vary greatly and typically mirror real-world names. Due to their diverse culture, short life span and fast maturity most names aren’t related to a unifying deity or special cultural touchstone. Earthlings have surnames but typically go by their first names only. There are such cases where one will use their surname as their given name.

Male: Krad, Jean, Rayon, Garmen

Female: Caffey, Erasa, Hazel, Susi

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