Campaign Types

What happens if you can’t find or don’t have an Architect? Or what if you’re down a few players for that week’s session? Don’t worry there are a couple different campaign types you can use to play.

Episodic Campaign. This is the standard campaign setting where a group of friends get together and roll funny shaped dice, travelling along inside of an imaginary story. With the help of an Architect, everyone will progress through a rich and engaging story. Pretty standard stuff.

Architect Tools

The Anatomy of Planets

Battle Royale. Don’t have an Architect? Can’t rope someone into being one? No problem, we invented a different type of game-play for you. With Battle Royale, all players create characters at power level fifty (50). There are no rules barring those already in place for character creation, on top of that each player gets an extra twenty (20) character perks to use. This isn’t your typical Sunday walk through the park. This is combat to the max, min-max madness. Once everyone has created a character, roll initiative and start the battle, and the last man standing wins. It’s a death match, free-for-all, winner takes all. For glory or nerd points, this type of campaign gets everyone involved.

Marital Arts Tournament. Battle Royale a bit much for you? Enjoy something more traditional and controlled. How about a Marital Arts Tournament? One-verses-one combat to see who the best and most powerful fighter in the Dragon World, the best player at mini-maxing. A prefect alternative for groups without a willing Architect, or simply a great side mission to break up the main story of a campaign. There are few specific rules for a Martial Arts Tournaments you will need to know.

  • Stage of Power. Select a tier of power. You will build a character using the standard rule set at the maximum power level for the selected tier of power. Each quarter of the tournament you will increase the tier of power and increase your power level to that tier.
  • Quarters. A tournament is a single elimination, one-on-one match. There are typically four quarters: first round, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals. During the first round, all combatants fight against one another, defeat means elimination. Groups without an even number of players or with a large number of players might have more than one first round. The winners continue on to the quarterfinals where they will repeat the process again. Afterwards, all the winners will move on to the semifinals. The two combatants who win the semifinals then fight in the finals for the championship.

If you are having trouble with creating a bracket for your tournament, we would like to point you to the following URL for help. (Brackets)

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