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Mutations. At some point in the Arcosian’s past before they formed the planet trade organization and the destruction of their homeworld the race suffered from a widespread genetic mutation. It is unclear how or when this mutation happened, all that is know that one specific family bloodline known as the Chill Clan rose to power. It is possible this led to a global conflict that destroyed their homeworld, but there is extremely little information about this time in Arcosian history. It is known the Chill clan’s specific mutation made them tremendously powerful. It is this knowledge that led to the idea that the clan destroyed a vast major of the Arcosian race and forced the remaining clans under their control. Later the Chill Clan formed the planet trade group and they expanded outward into the stars.

This mutation not only increased the afflicted Arcosians’ powers, but it altered their physical forms – so much that using the full extent of their power caused a large toll on their bodies. A side-effect of this physical altering condition gave Arcosians the ability to molt or transform from one physical appearance to another to reduce the stress of the power. Some Arcosians had one or two forms while others have three or four forms. Arcosians typically stay in what is known as a suppressed form and only revealed their true form and power when necessary. This created a nature disguise and powerful diplomacy tool turning the mutation from a curse into a positive good.

The physical forms for each Arcosians vary, but they all roughly share the same physical height and features. In their suppressed form or third form Arcosian are short in stature with limited keratinous plates and small horns. In their second form, they are much larger and very imposing with bull-like features. Arcosian’s first form, sometimes known as assault form, is large much like the second form, but with a wilder amount of physical mutations. The assault form looks strange and alien-like compared to other physical appearances. With elongated skulls, which combine an Arcosian’s mouth and nose into a crude beak this form can be rather bizarre looking. An Arcosian’s true form is simplicity frightening with a sleek, nimble and slender look. This form is also known as an Arcosian’s base form – the other forms simply serve to reduce physical stress and as camouflage. In this base form the keratinous platting becomes skin-like and completely covers the body – still maintains is damage reduction properties.

Society. Little information is known of Arcosians and even less is known about their society or how it was formed. They are led by a clan leader referred to as a king. It is alleged that the strongest clan leads the entire species and the strongest within the leading clan is considered the king. Arcosians typically respect only power and dominance having very little patience for anything else. This leads to an extremely competitive, merciless and constant battle for control over a clan and the species.

At some point in their history, the Arcosians gain the ability to travel space and they quickly gain notoriety by forming the planet trade organization. Through this organization, their clan-based society grew with each clan controlling parts of the organization and star systems. Many of the known galactic tyrants have been Arcosians. Fear, dominance, and power are the foundation of the Arcosian social hierarchy. Although, there are Arcosians that don’t agree with this structure many are still subservient to it through the dominance of the Frieza Clan. There are even Arcosian’s that fled the organization and live their own secluded lives.

Home World. The Arcosian homeworld is thought to have been destroyed long ago after the Arcosians gain the ability to travel space. Its destruction is believed to have stemmed from a large-scale civil war between ancient Arcosians factions, from which the current clan structure arose. This lead to the creation of the plane trade organization by the Chill clan – later passed down from leader to leader until ruled by Frieza.

It is known the Arcosian homeworld was a harsh and cold planet with dense cloud cover and tremendous gravity. Arcosians’ natural strength and physical aptitudes are attributed to the planet’s gravity and unforgiving environment. Even with these natural aptitudes many Arcosian’s don’t compare to the power of those with mutated genes. Not much else isn’t known about the Arcosian homeworld and much of the known information seems to vary depending on who you speak to – some Arcosian’s aren’t even sure of their distant planetary history.

History. Arcosian’s are naturally powerful race that lived on a distant star. At some point, some members of their species developed genetic mutations and gain tremendous power. This led to conflict on their homeworld and civil war broke out destroying the planet. From the ashes of their ruined homes and the deaths of nearly the entire population arose the Chill clan. This clan was made up of the most powerful genetically mutated Arcosians – a family bloodline. They dominated the remaining descendants of the race and formed the planet trade organization. Expanding quickly the organization conquered planet after planet and turned the tide of many wars all in the name of financial gains. This continued for some time until Lord Chill the clan’s leader stumble upon a distant planet called Plant. It was here that Chill fought an ancient unknown Saiyan. Lord Chill died to his injuries and the fear of the super Saiyan was born. With his death, the organization decided to hire other species to do the work of conquering planets for them.

It would be many years later before the Saiyans were strumbled upon again by the Arcosians, this time by Lord Freiza one of Chill’s distant descendants. Freiza took over the clan and the organization after his father king Cold passed it down to him and retired. The knowledge of super Saiyans and the entire species had become myths by this time and Frieza saw the Saiyans only as tools to be used. He sent his ambassadors to negotiate and the Saiyan were hired to conquer planets for the evil tyrant.

At some point, Freiza met with the god of destruction Lord Beerus and was crowned emperor of the universe. Beerus also told Freiza that he grew tired of the Saiyans and that Freiza was to destroy them. Since the stories of the super Saiyan and the fear of combined Saiyan strength, Freiza carried out Lord Beerus’ request. He recalled all the Saiyans from across the origination’s vast empire to their home planet. Frieza’s plan was discovered and a group of rebels Saiyans attempted a coup but failed. The planet was destroyed along with nearly the entire Saiyan race save a few – it believed that less than one hundred Saiyans survived.

The remaining Arcosians not a part of the Freiza clan were dispatched or went into hiding around this time leaving only Freiza and his family at the forefront of the universe. The planet trade organization was also confronted by the Galactic patrol at this time, but while many of its’ members were powerful, they couldn’t stop the evil tyrant. Roughly, twenty-three years pass and Freiza is left unchallenged rampaging across the universe. When Frieza comes across a rather difficult planet to capture he decides to send in the few Saiyans still under his control. However, the Saiyan warriors told Freiza that they would need more help and asked to search for a lost Saiyan named Kakarot – the younger brother of a Saiyan still employed by Freiza. This event set off a series of events that lead to the defeat and death of Lord Freiza and his father King Cold.

Knowledge of Arcosian history from this point in time is completely unknown save the actions and schemes of Lord Freiza, who is revived thanks to the power of the dragonballs and the planet trade organization.

Names. Arcosians are known to only have names derived from the elements of cold such as ice, snow or in some cases refrigeration. Since Arcosians don’t have any defining genders their names are typically non-binary.

Names: Brizzar, Cooler, Eiber, Frost, Froze, Hythermia, Shiver

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