Arcosian Lore


Arcosians are a proud and sophisticated people, if a bit vain. Their society breeds a deep desire for control and power, leading to many arcosians training to be the strongest and in-fighting between clans. Though most show a sophisticated front, they will grow reckless if challenged. A regular arcosian raised in the traditional ways would typically have a deep desire to prove themselves and to get to the top through any means, however the mutation that became a staple of the “Lineage of Evil” also has an effect on how an arcosian may develop.

The mutation is noted to be responsible for the evil nature and sadistic personalities of King Cold and his second-born son, Lord Frieza, suggesting the mutation affects the brain’s development to a certain degree.


At some point in the arcosians’ past, before they formed the planet trade organization and the destruction of their homeworld, the arcosian race developed a mutation in their genetic code which was only present in one in a million arcosians. Unluckily for the universe, the might of that genetic mutation was given to Lord Chilled and his many descendants, except the oft-forgotten Lord Cooler. It is unclear how or why this mutation happened, but the soon-to-be Frieza Clan rose through the ranks at the speed of light and would soon hold the galaxy in its grasp. It is possible that there are other arcosians out there with the mutation, but so far none have been as potent as Lord Frieza.

This mutation not only increased the afflicted Arcosians’ powers, but it altered their physical forms – so much that using the full extent of their power caused physical strain on their bodies. A side-effect of this physical altering condition gave Arcosians the ability to molt or transform in order to condense their energy and seal away some of their power. The amount of forms can vary but the Frieza Clan, excluding Lord Cooler, have shown the ability to transform three times before entering their true form. These mutant Arcosians typically stay in what is known as a suppressed form and only reveal their true form and power when it is necessary. This creates a natural disguise and acts as not only a powerful diplomacy tool but also a leverage over your opponent, turning the mutation from a curse into a net positive.


Little information is known of Arcosians and even less is known about their society or how it was formed due to all records of it being destroyed with the cataclysm that wiped out their home planet and most of their people. They are led by a clan leader referred to with a royal title such a Lord, King or Emperor this usually being the strongest member of the strongest clan on the planet. Arcosians typically respect only power and dominance, having very little patience for anything else. This leads to an extremely competitive, merciless and constant battle for control over a clan and the species.

At some point in their history, the Arcosians gained the ability to travel space and they quickly gained notoriety by forming the Planet Trade Organization. Through this organization, their clan-based society grew with each clan controlling parts of the organization and star systems, this has also left a bad stain on the history of Arcosians as many Galactic Tyrants have been Arcosians, such as Lord Chilled and his infamous “lineage of evil” which had 3 or 4 Galactic Tyrants ruling the known galaxy from Lord Chilled all the way to Lord Frieza. Fear, dominance, and power are the foundation of the Arcosian social hierarchy. Although there are Arcosians that don’t agree with this structure, many are still subservient to it through the dominance of the Frieza Clan. There are even Arcosians that have either fled the organization or simply choose not to participate and live their own secluded lives.

Home World

The arcosian homeworld is a planet that not much is known about, again due to the loss of many centuries of arcosian history when it was destroyed following a cataclysmic event.

It is known the arcosian homeworld was a harsh and cold planet with dense cloud cover and frequent blizzards and hail. The natural strength, survivability and physical aptitudes of the race could be attributed to the planet’s gravity and unforgiving environment. 

These aspects are further amplified by the few members of the race which possess the genetic mutation that causes them to be born with incredible power as seen when Lord Frieza, over the course of four months, was able to go from below the power level of a super saiyan to matching, and at times exceeding, that of a Super Saiyan Blue- surpassing even the might of the fearsome Majin Buu.

Due to lacking a homeworld the remaining arcosians would find a different planet and forcibly take it over, planting the seeds for what would become what their race is most known for.

The location of the current arcosian homeworld is unclear and so is its name.


Arcosians are a naturally powerful race that lived on a frigid planet which would be life threatening to any other race. Constantly racked with hail and blizzards and occasional earthquakes of high magnitude, the planet was inhospitable to even its natives. To survive in an environment like this, arcosians became incredibly resilient and hard to kill.

Unfortunately an unknown cataclysm lead to the destruction of the planet and the loss of a large part of the population, leading to the formation of the Planet Trade Organization as a way for the remaining arcosians to stay afloat, with others who disagreed with the idea of the organization scattering through the universe. It is unknown what happened to those who left the organization during its forming. 

Through this organization, their clan-based society grew with each clan controlling parts of the organization and star systems, with the most powerful clan leading the entire organization as a whole. The leader would also have a dedicated military of their own, the name has changed many times from the Chilled Corps to the Cold Force with the latest iteration being the Frieza Force. It is unclear if the military was established prior to the involvement of Chilled and his lineage.

The many years of history prior to Lord Chilled’s involvements are unknown due to either intentional omission or sabotage, but it’s safe to assume that given the size of the organization they were quite successful.

During the Saiyan Civil War, Lord Chilled made note of the Super Saiyan which was managing to stand on par against the overwhelming odds of the Evil Saiyans until said Saiyan perished and his clan along with him. Chilled’s notes would serve as a warning that, although the Super Saiyan he saw had perished, there may yet be others and that others should be cautious of dealing with the saiyans.

Lord Chilled himself would one day be pushed to his limit without being given the chance to transform by a Saiyan and required extensive medical treatment, his loss cemented in him the idea that he was weak and as such he bore his powerful mutant son, King Cold, who after a quick explanation of the situation and the machinations of the Empire would go on to take over as its leader.

It would be many years later before the saiyans were stumbled upon again by the arcosians, this time by Lord Frieza, one of Chilled’s distant descendants. Frieza took over the clan and the organization after his father king Cold passed it down to him and retired. The knowledge of Super Saiyans and the entire species had become myths by this time and Frieza saw the saiyans only as tools to be used. He sent his ambassadors to negotiate and the saiyans were hired to conquer planets for the evil tyrant.

King Cold at some point was also made aware of Majin Buu by ancient records which were able to be recovered by the Cold Force, making note of another dangerous threat that he felt was important to acknowledge. Cold would then go on to rule the empire like a business with his most successful employees being the saiyans, who thrived upon destroying and conquering the worlds he ordered them to.

At some point, Lord Frieza met with the God of Destruction at the time, Lord Beerus, and made a deal with him. Beerus was fine with Frieza doing as he pleased, and told Frieza that he grew tired of the saiyans due to their annoying attitudes and the disobedience of their king, allowing Frieza to take care of them however he saw fit. Frieza complied not only out of fear of Lord Beerus and his power, but also due to his family’s long-standing fear of the Super Saiyan of Legend. He issued a call to all the saiyans within the organization to their home planet, Vegeta. Frieza’s plan was discovered and a group of saiyans attempted a desperate coup, ending in failure when Frieza’s attack utterly disintegrated their bodies and destroyed their planet. Only a few saiyans were left in the system, those who were on an off-world assignment, were exiled, or who never came to Vegeta and settled elsewhere. It is believed that less than one hundred saiyans survived, with some estimates only going into the double digits.

The remaining arcosians not a part of, or sympathetic to, the Frieza clan were removed as members of the Trade Organization and either went into hiding or settled on other planets, leaving only the Frieza Clan at the forefront of the universe with the clans supporting him working mostly outside of public view. 

The Planet Trade Organization was also confronted by the Galactic Patrol at this time, but while many of its members were powerful, they couldn’t stop the evil tyrant.

Roughly twenty-three years passed, and the saiyans still under Lord Frieza’s control became one of his many trump cards, while his reign remained undefeated and unchallenged. However, the saiyan warriors harbored a deep grudge against Frieza, and the saiyan warrior Raditz would travel to another planet in search of his younger brother, Kakarot. This event set off a series of events that led to the defeat and death of Lord Frieza and his father King Cold.

Knowledge of arcosian history from this point in time is completely unknown, save the actions and schemes of Lord Frieza, who was revived thanks to the power of the dragon balls and the Planet Trade Organization, before he was killed and resurrected yet again after the Universal Tournament of Power.


Arcosians are known to only have names derived from the elements of cold such as ice, snow or in some cases refrigeration. It is unclear if arcosians have genders in the same way that other species do, however the names appear fairly unisex.

Names: Brizzar, Cooler, Chilled, Frost, Froze, Iaas, Shiver

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