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Personality. Due to the variety of android types, their personalities can be rather diverse. While all Androids struggle with matters of morality and ethics they typically focus on a singular goal or their continued survival than more complex emotions such as passion or love.

Artificial constructs are purely mechanical in nature and tend to be very calculated, logical and precise. They are prone to action more than conversation and often seem aggressive or assertive. For their allies, they are furiously loyal and committed. With the utmost confidence in their design, technological skills and intellect Artificial constructs can appear overly arrogant. While being completely mechanical with an artificially created mind constructs can still harbor basic human-like feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, and pride.

Cybernetic organisms are part human and part machine also known as cyborgs or artificial humans. However, despite being known as Androids they are modified and reprogrammed humans. Their personalities are almost the same as they were before becoming cyborgs. Although, the reprogramming process can weaken their morality and compassion to a degree. Most cyborgs are still capable of recovering their passion over long periods of time.

Bio-Engineered is a type of android grown artificially in a laboratory from the cells of multiple individuals. Their personalities are a result of all the individual’s cells that make up their composition. This can lead to wild personality traits however most bio-androids seemingly have quite sophisticated mannerisms. Bio-androids seems to suffer from some sort of hunger, it is unknown rather it is their nature or a side effect of their creation. This hunger might be for more power, conquest, perfection or hunger for substance. At times this can lead to single-minded goals or pursuits, even in the opposition of friends and allies.

Physical Description. Most android types resemble humans and typically are hard to tell apart from a real human. Androids blend in rather well among the human society because of their looks and features. An exception to this rule is bio-androids which can appear very monstrous depending on the different types of cells and the number of cells that make up their composition.

Artificial constructs typically wear some sort of formal clothing or uniform that allows them to blend in but also remain unique in appearance. Somewhat proud of their technological advancements and superiority they want to be admired but retain anonymity. Constructs can range from 4’0” tall to 7’0” tall depending on their design and can weigh from 250lb to nearly 400lb because of their mechanical nature. They look nearly indistinguishable from humans aside a few odd features, pale color skin, and bold blue eyes.

A cyborg is completely indicial to a human or whatever race they were created from. Cyborgs are a modified version of a species with powerful mechanical and bio enhancements. They will appear physically the same as their counterparts with the expectation of bold blue eyes. Cyborgs can be 5’0” to 7’0” tall and typically weight only slightly more than the average human at roughly 180lbs to 220lbs. Even if a cyborg is physically the same size as its counterpart species, they will still weight slightly more than them due to their augmentations.

Bio-Androids are mavericks and appear to look more like some sort of alien or monster than humans or other races. They can vary wildly on their skin color and looks. A combination of the cells that make up their composition causes a myriad of different appearances. However, most bio-androids are earthly colors such as brown, green and black. There have also been bio-androids of royal colors also such as purple, blue and red. Some bio-androids have more human-like features and others have more monstrous features. Regardless, of their features or skin color, bio-androids are rather hard to miss when with mixed company and they largely stand out in a crowd.

 Society. Androids don’t have a society instead they integrate with the society of their counterpart race. Since they share a lot of the same personality traits and physical appearance it is easy for them to blend in and even participate in those societies. Most androids go through a reprogramming process that changes the way they think or function. This can cause problems when trying to integrate into society and sometimes draw unwanted attention.

Bio-Androids have a difficult time integrating into society due to their appearance and are general reclusiveness. They have a hard time finding acceptance in any species society save the Majin society, what little there is. Bio-Androids typically live alone and are generally happier than way. This isn’t because of personal preference, but because it is easier than attempting integration. Most people feel a general discomfort around Bio-Androids, it isn’t known why this feeling occurs. It might stem from their unnatural creation or simply their physical presence.

Androids treat each other with odd familiarly as if they have some sort of special bond regardless of their origins. It seems that Androids can recognize each other immediately and will give nearly instant trust to other Androids. It is unknown if this is because all Androids have an identification mechanism or that Androids have an ability to see the inner structure of creatures. Either way, Androids tend to trust each other more than they trust other species. The existence of Androids is known, but many would rather remain obscure.

Home World. Androids don’t have a homeworld in the same sense as a human’s homeworld is Earth. Instead, Androids have the planets which they were created on or the planet they currently inhabit. Many Androids claim the homeworld of their counterpart species as home. An Android that has a human design or appearance typically will claim Earth as their homeworld. Androids will also reference the planet where the laboratory they were created or enhanced at as their homeworld.

History. Android history is sparse, and their history typically pertains to only each individual Android rather, but the first creation of Androids can be traced back to two points – the Earthing and the Truffles.

At the climax of the Saiyan Truffle war using an advance machine, the Truffle King combined his body and DNA with a genetic experiment. The creation was then launched into deep space where it laid dormant for some time. Eventually, this creation landed on planet M-2 the homeworld of a highly advanced race of humanoids. It created the machine mutants and took over the world and from there began its plans to take revenge on the Saiyans. The creation amassed machine mutants and Android type constructs. It sent these constructs out into vast regions of space in search of the Saiyans and powerful technologies.

In Earth’s history Androids first appeared during the height of the Red Ribbon Army, a paramilitary-like criminal organization. At one point during is terrorizing of the planet the Red Ribbon Army was the largest and most powerful military force. The Army was led by a man of short stature named Commander Red. However, there were several highly intelligent scientists who helped create the organization. The head of these scientists was a man named Dr. Gero. The doctor was a cold-hearted, ruthless man who dreamed of a world filled and ruled by machines. Gero created dozens of Androids during his time with the organization. Once the Red Ribbon Army was defeat and broken up Gero continued to develop and create more Androids. He began his career creating Artificial constructs and slowly worked into cyborgs and bio-engineered Androids. Near the end of his life, Gero turned himself into an Artificial construct type of Android, however, this did not stop one of his own creation from dispatching him a few years later. It is unknown how more Androids keep appearing, some believe that both the Truffle creation and Dr. Gero built secret factories that have continued to design, create and produce Androids of all different types autonomously. There are also other individuals that have created Androids many of which worked under Dr. Gero while in the Red Ribbon Army. It is unsure how many or to what type of development some of these individuals were able to reach – regardless Androids keep appearing.

Names. Androids are given numeric denominations to identify them, this denomination is used as a name. Though, some Androids chose to name themselves more common names instead of using their identification numbers in an effort to blend in.

Example Identification Numbers: C24, VXT78, LHG102, XP347

Example Names: Bit, Clint, Flick, Mecha, Proto, Terra,

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