Android Lore


Artificial constructs are purely mechanical beings, due to the difficulty of programming a personality they often end up having “personality issues” which can affect their performance positively and negatively. They are prone to action more than conversation and can flip between being aggressive or assertive. As long as their creator was able to give them the basic semblance of a personality, a mechanical construct is capable of feeling and understanding basic emotions like joy or fear, but not to the same extent that a human could.

Some may appear cold or calculated, and some may even exhibit tendencies uncharacteristic of humans altogether, but are still bound by programming and do not fully understand the spectrum of emotion.

There are also Machine Mutants who fall under the category of constructs, however they are created from specialized cells, and as such can be considered the mid-point between a cyborg and a construct as they are technically alive in a way that Constructs are not. They also express a greater range of emotions, closer to those of actually sapient beings.

Cybernetic organisms are beings who are part human and part machine, more commonly known as cyborgs. Despite being considered Androids they are often modified and reprogrammed humans, either through biological modification or cybernetic augmentation.

Their personalities are almost the same as they were before becoming cyborgs, as the process does not often affect their mental faculties. This is because mental reprogramming is a type of treatment that is only done by scientists with questionable or no morals who intend on turning someone into a living weapon, but often even this mental conditioning ends up flawed, with the cyborgs circumventing certain tasks through malicious compliance or refusal via loopholes in their coding. 

Most cyborgs are still capable of recovering their stronger emotions over time if given mental reprogramming as their brain is more advanced than the CPU of an artificial construct, and can find ways to circumvent and override the programming.

Physical Description

Most androids resemble sentient races and typically are hard to tell apart from the real deal. Androids blend in rather well among society because of their unassuming looks and features, though some scientists also choose to create more flashy or unique designs, rather than attempting to hide their artificial creation’s existence from the world, preferring to have it appear front and center.

Artificial constructs attempting to hide or live among people typically wear some sort of formal clothing or uniform that allows them to blend in, but also remain unique in appearance. Constructs can range from 4’0” tall to 7’0” tall depending on their design and can weigh from 250lb to nearly 400lb because of their mechanical nature. Their appearance varies heavily as their appearance is only limited by the imagination of their creator.

Machine Mutants are all mechanical in appearance, with no exceptions. Some more or less robotic but all have a clear mechanical origin. Their appearance varies greatly and they can be anywhere from 2’0” to 8’0” tall and weigh significantly more than most races due to being composed of metallic cells, weighing anywhere from 400lb to 1000lb due to being made of pure dense metal. They can appear more humanoid or more robotic, but always have an obvious mechanical side to their appearance.

A cyborg is completely identical to a member of whichever race they were created from. They will appear physically the same as their counterparts with the expectation of bold blue eyes. Cyborgs can be 5’0” to 7’0” tall and typically weigh only slightly more than the average human at roughly 180lbs to 220lbs. Even if a cyborg is physically the same size as its counterpart species, they will still weigh slightly more than them due to their augmentations.


Androids don’t have any functional society, instead they integrate with the society of their counterpart race or operate on the fringes of one. Since they share a lot of the same personality traits and physical appearance, it is easy for them to blend in and even participate in those societies. Androids which go through a reprogramming process that changes the way they think or function have problems when trying to integrate into society and sometimes draw unwanted attention.

Unlike Androids, Machine Mutants do in fact have a functional society. Planet M-2, which is actually considered a Machine Mutant itself, has a society of machine mutants divided by class like Saiyan society. A Machine Mutant is “born” and then separated into a class which best fits its strengths and weaknesses- however it appears that Machine Mutants of varying classes are able to elevate themselves in society and receive acclaim via certain achievements, such as receiving a gold medal and adoration for handing in enemies of the planet.

Machine Mutants therefore tend to be more pragmatic and idealistic, regarding other races with a wary eye and constantly seeking a way to prove themselves and elevate their status.

Androids treat each other with odd familiarity as if they have some sort of special bond regardless of their origins. With specialized mechanisms, Constructs could recognise other Constructs and feel an odd sense of kinship. Cyborgs on the other hand land on two extremes, they either embrace the society around them or live in a paranoid state, unable to trust anyone. The existence of Construct-type Androids is known to the world, but information on cyborgs is scarce, to date only the assassin Tao Pai Pai has publicly revealed himself to have cybernetic enhancements so extensive that he could be considered a cyborg.

Home World

Androids don’t have a homeworld in the same sense as a human’s homeworld is Earth. Many Androids exhibit a need for a home and either claim the homeworld of their counterpart species, the place they were created, or travel until they find a place they can consider “home”. 

An Android that has a humanoid design or appearance may claim Earth as their homeworld whereas a mechanical monster with claws for hands and wheels for legs may need to travel for a long time to find a planet suitable for them. 

The very first Machine Mutants originally came from the Tuffle homeworld of Planet Plant; however they now claim Planet M-2 as their homeworld since its destruction. Planet M-2 was a world inhabited by a very technologically advanced race before it was wiped clean by the Machine Mutant General Rilldo to make way for a “more superior race”. The planet was then fully metallized to the point where the world itself is considered a planet-sized Machine Mutant. Though Machine Mutants can be created in other quadrants of space, it is Planet M-2 where most of them feel at home.


Android history is sparse, and their history typically pertains to only each individual Android rather, but the first creation of Androids can be traced back to two points – the Earthlings and the Tuffles.

At the climax of the Saiyan-Tuffle war, using an advanced machine, the Tuffle King combined his body and DNA with a genetic experiment. The creation was then launched into deep space where it laid dormant for some time. Eventually, this creation landed on planet M-2, the homeworld of a highly advanced race of humanoids. It created the Machine Mutants, took over the planet and from there began its plans to take revenge on the Saiyans. The creation amassed a large army and sent the construct armada out into vast regions of space in search of both the Saiyans and powerful technologies.

In Earth’s history Androids first appeared during the height of the Red Ribbon Army, a paramilitary-like criminal organization. At one point during its terrorizing of the planet, the Red Ribbon Army was the largest and most powerful military force. The Army was led by a man of short stature named Commander Red. However, there were several highly intelligent scientists who helped create the organization. The head of these scientists was a man named Dr. Gero. The doctor was a cold-hearted, ruthless man, full of ambition who dreamed of a world filled with and ruled by machines. Gero would create dozens of Androids during his time with the organization with the logic that while a weapon can be stolen, an android cannot. Once the Red Ribbon Army was defeated and broken up, Gero continued to develop and create more Androids. He began his career creating artificial constructs and slowly worked into cyborgs and bio-engineered Androids. Near the end of his life, Gero turned himself into an artificial construct type of Android, however, this did not stop one of his own creations from dispatching him a few years later. 

It is unknown how more Androids keep appearing, but it is safe to assume that they are here to stay.


Androids, especially constructs, are typically given numeric denominations to identify them, this denomination is used as a name. Though some Androids also choose to either name themselves or use their old names instead of using their identification numbers.

Example Identification Numbers: C-17, OG 7-3, Gamma-2, XP-2000

Example Names: Rilldo, Gevo, Lazuli, Giru, Eighter, Lapis

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