Shinjin are divine, magical individuals known as Core People. They are born from apple-shaped fruits that grow on the gigantic magical tree known as Kaiju. There are two types of Shinjin Kaio and Makaio. While Kaio are considered good and noble individuals, the Makaio are considered evil and dishonorable. Kaios are the celestial care takers of the universe and they are extremely devoted to this cause. All life is sacred, and the balance of the cosmos is the upmost of importance. Kaios are heroes, guardians, representatives of the otherworldly and furious protectors of the life. Makaios are the fiends of the Demon Realm and they are dedicated to the corruption of the universes. Nothing is sacred, and the cosmos exist only for them to feed from. Makaios are tricksters, schemers, envoys of exploitation and the furious pursuers of dark energy.

Personality. Kaios are by far the most dignified species in the universe, they are mysterious and wise, think critically and rationally, and use knowledge over brute strength. Most Kaios seek to defend the universe and protect the innocent and good. Despite this, however, they are not immune to corruption, and indeed can, in fact, become evil. While Kaios are not inherently evil by nature they can be turned evil by hatred and corruption.

Shinjin that become Makaios are just as enigmatic and intelligent are their Kaio siblings. Makaios are shadowy and secretive, think radically and logically typically only about themselves and the schemes they have planned. Using dark energies and magical power over knowledge and wisdom. Makaios are inherently evil or bad, the opposite of Kaios, but like Kaios they can change. Makaios can become good and decent individuals.

Physical Description. Shinjin are extremely similar in appearance to Earthlings and other humanoid species. They have varying height, weight and skin color and other human like features. They have wildly different physical builds, from midgets to giants and from muscular to fat, although this does not seem to matter in actual physical health of the individual. Shinjin have drastically different shades of skin tone compared to Earthlings. Ranging from blues and purples to pinks and greens, Shinjin can have nearly any shade of skin tone imaginable. Moreover, many Shinjin have pure white hair with few exceptions. In many cases they are no physical differences between Shinjin and other humanoid species. Notably, Shinjin have points ears like Namekains and like Namekain this grants them improved earing. 

Shinjin seem to have different genders, however, these features do not seem to be related to the same physiological differences in Earthlings or other species. Since Shinjin are born from the Kaiju it is assumed that Shinjin do not actually have genders and rather these features are just simply aesthetic. It is also speculated that Shinjin aren’t born as children, but rather adult size with the minds already well developed.

Society. Shinjin who become Kaios live in a structured society in the sense that when they are born, they are legible to claim the position of a Kaioshin in the divine hierarchy, once a position is open. On rare occasions a Shinjin is born from a golden fruit and they are automatically destined to be a Supreme Kai of some destination. The Kaios hierarchy has many positions from attendant, Kai of Cardinal direction, Assistance Kai of Time and so on. So, while their official position is typically set for them, they do enjoy many societal and recreational activities such as cooking, driving, parties and marital arts.

When Shinjins are born as Makaios they are sent to the demon realm where they are contained and kept in check. The demon realm is a place that not even the eyes of gods can reach, and little is known about what truly goes on in such a domain. The demon realm society seems to be built upon a kingship or monarchy of sorts. Regardless, of the realm’s society structure Makaios do escape and enter the immortal realm where they can enact their own shadowy schemes. 

Home World. The Shinjin home world is simply called World Core or Kaishin-Sei and it is home to the gigantic Kaiju trees. These trees grow apple-shaped fruit which births the Shinjin. The planet itself is extremely peaceful with calm weather and clear skies. There are no major cities or structures to speak of and the world is nearly devoid of development save the simple buildings for the Shinjin that are birth there. With vast clean oceans and lush, beautiful forest World Core is the most magnificent planet throughout existence. The planet itself is located outside its home universe surrounded by stars. The planet and the stars existence in a micro-verse, sphere like realm which circles the home universe much like a moon. The home planet of the God of Destruction is also thought to be located in this realm.

Although, Shinjin are born on World Core this is not the planet which they ultimately live on. Instead they live on the Sacred World of the Kai or Kaioshin-Kai which is in the same micro-verse as World Core. This planet is also very peaceful with tempered weather and pleasant skies. Like World Core there are no major structures or buildings just simple homes for the Kaios that live on there.  

Like the Kaios that spend their lives on the Sacred World when Shinjin are born Makaios they spend their lives in the Demon Realm or Makai. Sometimes referred to as Devil World or the Dark Demon Realm this domain is located at the bottom tip of universes. It is not part of the mortal realm or Other World. It is a physical plane of existence that is opposite of the mortal realm itself. Little is known about the realm or how it is structured. Although, it exists outside of the other realms Makaios and demons alike are still able to escape the domain and enter the mortal realm and beyond. 

History. The history of the Shinjin is the history of creation itself and the eighteen universes. Before any universes existed, there was the Null Space a plane of existence void of anything. It is here in this space that eighteen universes where created, with thirteen of these universes being twins, indicial in every way. The Omni-King Zeno rules over these universes for time eternal. It is unknown if Zeno created the universes himself or if Omni-King is simply a title and Zeno is the current entity filling the title. Either way Zeno sits atop the hierarchy of divine beings and has the power to destroy instantly and completely anything and anyone. He displays this power by destroying six of the universes at once when he became offended.  

At some point in the early eons during the creation of the universes known as Time Immemorial, it was decided that an entity was needed to help curve the flourishing life inside the universes. Thus, the amoral and indifferent Majin Buu was created. Majin Buu was created with the leftover material used to form the eighteen universes. Majin Buu served as a pseudo God of Destruction, cycling between rampages and long hibernations. During the times of rampages Buu became corrupted by the evils of the universes he operated in. As Majin Buu became eviler, rather than a force of destruction, his rampages no longer served their intend purposes. Majin Buu was sealed away by some sort of divine interference inside universe seven, it is unknown if it was Omni-King Zeno who sealed him away. Majin Buu was replaced with the God of Destruction, or Hakaishin, and the hierarchy of the Shinjin-Kaios was created to watch over and keep balance in the universes. Although, some sources seem to counter this claim and suggest the Majin Buu simple formed from out of the leftover material and rampaged across the cosmos until captured and seal away. Either way, Majin Buu was the single most powerful individual to exist, in universe seven at least, next to the God of Destruction entity.

It was at this time that the unstable material used to create the universes was sealed in a space outside of time, this realm would later become the Demon Realm founded by Mechikabura. A Shinjin, Mechikabura was unknowingly the first born Makaios. He was a candidate for the position of Supreme Kai of Time along side another Kaios named Chronoa. Mechikabura failed the test for the position for using dark energies. Due to his malice Mechikabura was sent to the Demon Realm where he became the Dark King and ruled over the Dark Empire. Mechikabura attempted to use his armies and dark energy to corrupt and control the multiverse and the alternate timelines and universe within it, but ultimately failed. Demigra, another Makaios, was also sent the Demon Realm sometime after Mechikabura for attempting to use Tokitoki, the magical bird of time, to control and create time.

Roughly, five million years before the current age of universe seven an evil wizard named Bibidi used powerful magic to reawaken Majin Buu and attack the Scared World of the Kais. Majin Buu attacked and killed all the Supreme Kaios living there leaving only a single Kaioshin aptly named Shin alive. Shin would later kill Bibidi and hide the hibernating Majin Buu on planet Earth. It was this decision that lead to the events of Babidi the son of the evil wizard Bibidi to attack Earth five million years later and release Majin Buu, yet again, onto universe seven. During this event Majin Buu split into two different life-forms, creating Good Majin Buu who would later go on to create the Majin race. Thankfully, the heroes of universes seven prevailed defeating and destroying the other half of Majin Buu named Kid Buu.

With the Shinjin race nearly wiped out by Majin Buu Shin, along with the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa and other divine entities, used celestial magic to enhance and increase the Kaiju trees fruit growth. Many Shinjin were born and the Scared World of the Kais once again became populated. Now, with a small teeming new generation of Shinjin lead by Shin the now crowned Dai Kaioshin the Kaios aim to refill the open position in universe’s seven divine hierarchy.

Names. Shijin can have typical names much like Earthlings or commonly named Androids. However, most Kaios are named after real world deities or positions of power such as a title of royalty or noble descent. Most Makaios are named after food sauces or garnishes that accent food.

Example Kaio Names. Ogma, Eyre, Fen, Wairu, Iru, Khai, Roh

Example Makaio Names. Tabas, Gureibi, Putine, Shula, Makma

Shinjin Aptitudes
Attribute Score Increase. Both your Insight and Spirit scores increase by three (+3). Select one (1) different attribute and increase its score by two (+2).

Age. Shinjin are associated with the celestial, however, they are not immortal. Shinjin have extremely long lifespans compared to other races. A Shinjin lifespan is thought to be as much as 75,000 years or longer. It is unknown if this is a racial feature or simply a perk-of-the-job from being a celestial entity. Either way Shinjin far out live all other races.

Health Modifier. Four (+4)
Size. Shinjin have an average height of 4’5” to 7’5” and weight anywhere from 100lbs to 400lb. or more. This wide range of height and weight mean Shinjin come in nearly and size and shape.

Dexterity. Your base speed is two (2) squares or six (6) yards.

Z-Soul. Kaio Shinjin typically have a deep affection for law and order and all things good. They pursue goals based around the helping, protecting, and keeping of balance in the natural universe. Makaio Shinjin will disregard balance and good for their own self-interest. They yearn for chaos and disorder with their goals being focused on themselves, greed or the most likely the hunt for dark energies.

Exceptional Hearing. You have outstanding hearing and can hear far better than other races. When making any type of skill check or other check related to hearing you will score a critical on natural result of nine (9) or better.

Enhanced Perception. When making any type of perception, clairvoyant or other related checks to sensing presences you will score a critical on natural result of nine (9) or better.

Shinjin Proficiencies
– Saving Throw: Cognitive
– Skills – Select two of the following: Clairvoyant, Persuasion, Perception, Knowledge, Concealment, Use Magic

Shinjin Racial Traits. As a Shinjin, your character gains the following traits, and in addition, they must pick either a Kaio or Makaio – each subspecies has its own addition traits.

Celestial Potential (Shinjin Trait). Your natural potential is unlocked from birth and you are more adept than other species. Once per combat encounter, you can reduce the negative effects of a single botch dice result by one (-1). Increase the number of times you can use Celestial Potential during a combat encounter by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. As an example, at tier of power three you can reduce the negative effects of up to three (3) separate botched rolls during a single combat encounter.

The effects of Celestial Potential stack with the effects of the Manifested Power Unlocked Potential.

Cosmic Efficiency (Shinjin Trait). You have absolute control of the flow of Ki throughout your body. This natural affinity allows you to use your ki in the most effective and efficient way. When using Ki Points for any reason, reduce the amount of required points by half (1/2) your Spirit modifier, to a minimum of two (2). This stacks with other talents and traits that also reduce Ki Point cost. However, regardless of the minimum required from other sources you must always pay at least a minimum two (2) Ki Point requirement. This minimum is increase by three (+3) for each tier of Power reached.

Cosmic Efficiency does not affect the traits Spare the Pershing or Kiri Drain. Moreover, Cosmic Efficiency’s minimum ki point requirement can not cause an increase in ki point cost. If this occurs simply pay the lower ki point requirement instead.

Far Seeing (Shinjin Trait). Part of your natural divinity as a Shinjin lets you see past the natural barrier of reality and into the celestial. When making any of the following skill checks increase your natural result by 1d6, increase this bonus by +1d6 for each tier of power reached. Far seeing affects the following skills: knowledge (Any), Creature Handling, Clairvoyance, Perception, Use Magic, and Investigation.

Arcane Affinity (Shinjin Trait). As a Shinjin you have powerful mental prowess and can perform many arcane abilities. At character creation you gain the following magical abilities for free: Magical Materialization, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Second Sight.  (See – Magical Abilities)

Obscured Energy (Shinjin Trait). The energy you use is unique, it is both normal energy and godly energy. This allows you to conceal your energy from mortals, however, creatures that have access to godly energy or god ki and still track you normally.

Your energy is completely hidden from outside sources. Whenever another character or outside forces attempt to use any kind of ability to scan or search for potential life forces, they will be unable to locate your character – this includes mechanical devices such as scouters. Notably, any character or creature that can track or detect godly ki can attempt to scan or search for you following the normal. (See Core Rules – Concealment)

However, you can decide that ANY creature or specific character can sense you normally, bypassing Obscured Energy. This must be a conscious decision. You can freely change this decision at your own discretion.

Shinjin Subspecies Traits. There are two Shinjin subspecies you can choose from – Kaio and Makaio. As a Kaio, you have the traits Spare the Perishing and. Makaio have the traits Kiri Drain and Dark Demon.

Kaio Traits

Spare the Perishing (Kaio Trait). Infused with the celestial powers of the otherworld, Kaios have potent healing capabilities. They can restore and refresh even the seriously wounded. Place your hands on a target, use one (1) actions, and spend four (4) ki points, the target can use the healing surge maneuver even if they already used it during the round; this maneuver provokes a counteraction against you. Increases the effects of their healing surge by two (+2). Increase this bonus by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. Increase the ki point cost of Spare the Perishing by four (+4) for each tier of power reached.

Makaio Traits

Kiri Drain (Makaio Trait). Using corrupted and distorted celestial powers you can drain a nearby target(s) of their energy. Warping the stolen ki into dark energy that allows you to impower of your Dark Demon form. Once per turn, you can spend one (1) action to drain the ki points of a target(s). The amount of ki points you steal are converted into dark energy and added to the current stress test value of your Dark Demon Form. There are two ways to use Kiri Drain, Kiri Single and Kiri Orb. Both are considered attacks and have a ki point cost listed. 

Kiri Single (8 Ki Points). A special magical attack that targets a single enemy within eight (8) squares. If you are successful, reduce the target’s ki points by 1d6 plus your Spirit modifier. The resulting amount of stolen ki points are added from your Demonic Form’s current stress test requirement. The target also suffers two (2) lethal damage. Increase the lethal damage caused by Kiri Single by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. The ki point cost of Kiri Single is increased by eight (+8) for each tier of power reached.

Kiri Orb (12 Ki Points). A special magical attack that targets all enemies within four (4) squares. Kiri Orb can affect multiple targets all around you, within four (4) squares in any direction. (See Battle Ground – Area Attacks) When you make a Kiri Orb attack, you will use a single strike roll against all the possible targets’ dodge rolls. Any targets that are successfully hit with Kiri Orb reduce their Ki Points by two (2) plus one-half (1/2) your Spirit modifier. The resulting amount of stolen ki points are added from your Dark Demon Form’s current stress test value. The target(s) also suffer one (1) lethal damage. Increase the lethal damage caused by Kiri Orb by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. The ki point cost of Kiri Orb is increased by twelve (+12) for each tier of power reached.

Dark Demon Form (Makaio Trait). This is a powerful transformation obtained by Makaio using dark energy from the Demon Realm or distorted energy stolen from victims. This form greatly amplifies your magical and spiritual power as well as your physical competence. When using this form your body glows a dull red and your exerted energies turn crimson and uncontrolled. (See Dark Demon)  

Shinjin Starting Equipment. When creating a Shinjin character you can choose from the following gear and equipment, in addition to any items you purchase or are granted. You will select either item ‘1’ or ‘2’ from the list below.

  • (1) Shape Up Booster S or (2) Dynamic Booster S
  • (1) Illusionist kit or (2) Spiritualist kit
  • 2d10 worth of staring wealth

Dynamic Statistics. You can use the following table to randomly determine your Shinjin character’s features.

Young AgeAdult AgeMiddle Age Old Age
Less than 1 millennium+1 millennium +4 millennium +6 millennium
TypeBase HeightHeight ModifierBase WeightWeight Modifier
Shinjin 5’0” +4d10 inches 130lb. +6d10 lb.

Random Attribute hierarchy. Using the same rules for primary, secondary, tertiary, you will roll a die and the natural result will correspond to an attribute from the chart below. Make three separate rolls, one for primary, secondary, and tertiary – re-roll any doubles, discard results of nine through ten and roll again. The remaining attributes start at two (2) like normal.

Natural ResultAttribute
1 Strength
2 Tenacity
3 Insight
4 Personality
5 Scholarship
6 Potency
7 Spirit
8 Agility

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